One Story House Plans

Modern Farmhouse Design with Striking Colors

Style and comfort await you with this modern farmhouse design with striking contemporary features. This design is loaded with charm, and convenience, featuring a well-designed 88.0 sq. meters floor plan with a very flexible internal layout that’s perfect for […]

One Story House Plans

Elegant Contemporary House Design with Nordic Concept

Nordic house designs embrace uncluttered spaces and functionally focused on practical aspects. Their simplicity, efficiency, and understated beauty give everything a reason and a place to exist. This elegant contemporary house design in Nordic concept […]

One Story House Plans

Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building in Cool Shades

Absolutely, there are many reasons to choose modern designs.  Presently, we are in a generation where space, energy, and privacy are difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, current designs can offer space, light, and comfort while at […]

One Story House Plans

Bungalow House Plan with a Gable Roof

Bungalow house designs are already popular a few decades ago and lately have seen their resurgence in status. In fact, you’ll see them lined up everywhere in a variety of sizes and styles from simple […]

Two Story House Plans

Two Storey Contemporary House with Five Bedrooms

Contemporary home designs have gone to greater dimensions and have advanced in a full circle. You will find astounding and splendid designs everywhere with stylish concepts. This two storey contemporary house brings together all the […]