Minimalist Single Story House Plan With Four Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

single story house
This single story house plan has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it a practical choice.

Single story house plans are popular choices for first-time homeowners. Smaller layouts are ideal for first-time buyers while large one story floor plans offer more space for families.

The single story house plan for today has an open concept design. It has a modern layout that makes it practical, trendy, and beautiful choice.

Since it has an open floor plan, the living room, dining hall, and kitchen all flow together with the bedrooms. It creates a central gathering space for the family, which encourages socialization and entertainment.

This single story house plan offers design flexibility. The exterior of this house is made simple. The walls are painted in cream, which creates a minimalist and clean facade. The roofing is finished with galvanized roof materials. It also has dramatic, large picture-size windows surrounding the walls.

The interior of this house features vaulted ceilings, spotlights, and white painted walls. All these elements result in the home with a spacious feel.

From the entryway, you will find the combined living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. The kitchen has a large island in the middle of the area, which can be used as a secondary dining table, a work table, and a storage unit. There is also a family hall, which can be used as a secondary reception area.

This single story house plan has four equal-sized bedrooms for the occupants of the house. Each room is placed on every corner of the house. The two common bathrooms are also strategically located in the middle of each room for easy access.

Check out the floor plan here:

If you are looking for a home that will work for you on all stage of life, consider this modern single story house plan.

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  1. Floor area, detailed floor plan and estimated cost to build the featured house please? Can I see the front, sides, and back elevations please? Thank you in advance.

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