Duplex House Design with 3 Bedrooms

Duplex House Design

Duplex house design is the type of house to go for when you have a small parcel of land. This type of the is very efficient in terms of space saving and maximization. Lots with frontage with from 4.5 meters to 8 meters are very suitable for this type of house.

Duplex house design featured is design by Sam Architect. Ia has 3 bedrooms at the upper floor, and the lower floor consists of the garage, living room, kitchen, bathroom and dirty kitchen at the back. The minimum lot size for this duplex house is 180 square meters or 12 meters frontage width and depth of 15 meters width garage, can be squeeze to 12 meters without garage.

The beauty of this design is that you can erect only one unit or single-attached two storey house with 3 bedrooms. So, you only need 6 meters frontage with lot and 15 meters depth or a stunning 90 sq.m. lot only, and 72 square meters without the garage….amazing! right?

Looking at the floor plan, I have mentioned earlier that it requires 6 meters for 1 unit whereas in the plan is 5 meters. Why? because here in the Philippines the minimum setback should be at least 1.5 meters from the boundary. With a depth of 15 meters you can accommodate 1 garage. Ground floor plan, starts when opening a double swing door opens to the main living area. Beneath the staircase can also be used as storage area by enclosing this part.  Dining and kitchen is located next, near the back with the common toilet and bath at the rear firewall. The remaining area at the back can be used as dirty kitchen, service area or a laundry area.

Upper floor is the privacy area of this duplex house design. This is where all the bedrooms are located, wherein the master’s bedroom is at the front provided with built-in cabinets, bathroom and a small terrace. The 2 small bedrooms area located at the back sharing the whole width of the house and a common toilet and bath.

This duplex design have an option for a roof deck or 3rd floor. This area can be an additional 3 rooms or just a roof deck where it can be a venue for small celebration for the family.

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  • Floor Plan ID : SA18-025
  • Area : 93.0 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Garage : None
  • Style : Duplex House Plans


  • Rough Finished Budget: 1,116,000 – 1,302,000
  • Semi Finished Budget: 1,488,000 – 1,674,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget: 1,860,000 – 2,046,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget: 2,232,000 – 2,604,000


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    1. Are my conversions to feet correct for this plan?
      Frontage needed
      – 4.5-8 meters OR 14-26 ft

      Lot sizes
      – 12m frontage width by 15m depth w/garage OR 40 by 50 FT= 2000 sq ft lot

      OR .0459 of an acre??

      IF only one unit:
      Lot Size
      – 6m x 15m=90m2 OR 1000 sq ft lot

      OR .0229 of an acre??

    2. Please send or upload the back and left side perspective/elevation to see how it looks like from the back and left side

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