Modern Country Home Design with Dazzling Outdoor Living

It is amazing to have seen this modern country home design that showcases a seamless combination of style, comfort, and practicality. A cleverly planned home, life is relaxed in this house with well-zoned spaces that maximize space, privacy, and enjoyment. Similarly, it offers an ultimate lifestyle, with plenty of natural light and space. In fact, you’ll enjoy the comfort starting from the moment you set foot on it.

Picture of Modern Country Home Design with Dazzling Outdoor Living

Description of Modern Country Home Design

This design offers easy flow, an open layout, and adaptability as remarkable features. The spaces are flexible, which offers significant adaptability between rooms. With spacious, cozy outdoor living, it establishes a balance of practicality and comfort. The blend of white and brown hues creates a pleasant atmosphere for exceptional modern living.

The features entrance features an elevated balcony along the entire width designed with wooden tiles and is secured by columns and a flat roof. The wooden trellis offers an additional punch to the house’s character. The exterior looks charming with a combination of traditional accents and a modern twist. The use of natural wood for the wall cladding, and trellis, conveys a traditional concept. On the other hand, the overall style and assembly of the building materials register a modern touch.

Picture of Modern Country Home Design with Dazzling Outdoor Living

Seamlessly designed with all the comfort and convenience of the family, this house is wrapped with large-sized glass elements that shower tons of natural light. These glass panels make the interior look brighter and feel cozier. Besides, they offer the family the privilege to view the outdoor space, and at the same time protect the privacy of the internal rooms.

Moreover, what is also impressive with this design is the combination of flat and shed roofs with ceramic tiles and white ceilings. Consequently, the roof assemblies match the exterior walls treated with mineral plater finish in a white tone that together exudes style grace.

Specifications of Modern Country Home Design

This country home design features a floor plan with efficient use of the space. The usable space spreads two balconies, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

You’ll treasure the ambiance of the light-filled family living space which is airy and bright as lots of light and air flows freely into the interior. The living spaces occupy the right side, while the entire left section hosts the private zone. The well-appointed gourmet kitchen features the ultimate space every home chef could want, which overlooks the dining and living zones, and flow generously to the airy balcony at the back.

Meanwhile, the master suite sits on the front corner with a private bath, complete amenities, and a walk-in robe. The secondary bedroom is on the opposite corner at the back and shares a common family bathroom. The welcoming inviting carport sits comfortably on the right side of the house.

Overall, what’s impressive about this house is the inviting ambiance of the outdoor living space. The frontage is bright, creating a space where the family can enjoy outdoor dining. Equally, the space will be great for family social functions and entertaining guests and friends.

Image Credit: Dream House Design

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