Beautiful Open Kitchen Ideas For The Heart Of Your Home

Open Kitchen

An open kitchen is most in demand by designers now. It is also the top choice of people who are constantly changing the designs of their kitchen. Whenever you are designing your dream kitchen, there are so many things to think about and all the choices that you have to make the designing process more fun.

There are a variety of different motifs that you may be interested to put in your kitchen. Some people prefer using a bare-bones industrial look while there are others who are in favor of the rustic feel coming from a farmhouse theme.

Open Kitchen Ideas

Don’t worry, there is plenty of choices to choose from when you are designing your kitchen. Here are open kitchen design ideas that you can apply to your cooking area.

Contemporary Chic

Neutrals are not boring. They add a sleek of contemporary style in any room. Using a layout of gray and white can give your open kitchen a sophisticated look.

Less Is More

If you have a limited space in your house, a compact kitchen nook will surely do the trick. This compact kitchen nook has everything that you need within arm’s reach.

Clean And Clear

A pure white kitchen featuring flawless cabinetry and a recessed breakfast bar like this looks sleek and smooth.


Using rich wood accents and unique light fixtures are a contrast to a clean and minimalist kitchen.

Sleek And Shiny

Sleek and shiny is the new in. Using bar chairs and polished stove hoods can make this open kitchen look more modern.

Organizational Magic

Sort to your heart’s content by putting hidden drawers and cupboards of all sizes and shapes inside the cabinets. There is no more excuse to put things, not in their proper positions.

Modern And Elegant

A tiled floor and backsplash in a kitchen can make it look sophisticated and chic. Add in the artistic lighting and modern shelf system.

Look At The Sky

Unique chrome fixtures and a perfectly placed skylight allow natural and artificial illumination in your kitchen.

Earth Hues

Using warm and earthy hues like the table and cabinets paired with a patterned tile backsplash makes this kitchen inviting to use.


Your choices when it comes to designing your open kitchen reflect who you are. Which of these open kitchen designs do you think best suits your taste?