Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building in Cool Shades

Absolutely, there are many reasons to choose modern designs.  Presently, we are in a generation where space, energy, and privacy are difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, current designs can offer space, light, and comfort while at the same time, can create an energy-efficient and friendly environment house. This gorgeous multi-purpose building in cool shades will definitely be perfect for social functions and gatherings.

You’ll love the open ambiance enhanced by glass elements that make the inner spaces sunny and bright. This sophisticated one-story building in a fusion of cream, and blue tones creates an elegant and fascinating façade.

Picture of Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building in Cool Shades

It headlines an elevated terrace that emphasizes beauty and style. This main entry port is gorgeous with marble tiles, and battens, and is secured by guardrails and a shed roof. Also, the design is enveloped by blue-tinted glass doors and windows that shower tons of light and air, making the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier.

Perhaps one of the impressive elements of this design is the shed roof sloping to the rear with blue tiles and gable, and white ceilings. The roof assembly along with the spotless exterior walls treated with a bluish tone exude finesse and elegance.

Picture of Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building in Cool Shades

Specifications of Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building

The exterior and interior spaces complement each other in terms of elegance. Absolutely, the inner space looks impressive considering the colors, tidiness, and workmanship. In fact, it screams with marble slabs, interior walls, and ceilings all in a cream tone. The recessed ceilings with a chandelier heighten the beauty and grace of the inner spaces.

Picture of Gorgeous Multi-Purpose Building in Cool Shades

The relaxation room is also graceful with spotless walls and polished workmanship. The perimeter lightings allow the space to look brighter.

The concept and elegance also extend to the bathroom that shines with brown floor tiles cream walls and is provided with genuine accessories and fixtures.

This modern building design stands in a lot that measures 12.6 x 5.75 meters. The usable space of 62.0 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, reception hall, movie room, relaxation hall, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

The layout is simple and straightforward. The entry terrace ushers you to the inner spaces. Once inside, you will observe the reception hall on the right side, the movie room on the left, and the relaxation hall in front of the movie room. Meanwhile, the two-car garage sits comfortably on the right side.

Indeed, a beautiful design.

Image Credit: The Renovate: Construction and Renovation

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