This Captivating Split-level House may be the House you are Looking for

This is not the first time we feature a split-level house.  There had been posts featuring different split-level designs.  You may want to browse through our other websites for your reference.  Just scroll down through this article. You can find the links of our other websites below.

The most captivating feature of a split-level house design may be its exterior.  Its appearance, as the word implies, has three split levels creating multi-level roofs.

Literally, split-level homes have at least three levels connected by short flights of stairs.  You may see the stairs on the exterior in some designs but logically, the stairs are inside.  You may find the main floor connected to the upper level with a 4-5 steps while there is another stairs going down to the basement.

This article wrote that ” a split-level home design incorporates aspects of both a two-story design and a ranch home. In a typical split-level design, a conventional two-story section of the home is connected to a single-story section, with the single-story section meeting the two-story section at a level halfway between the two floors. The vertical distance between any two adjacent levels of the home is, then, a half flight of stairs rather than a full flight.

A split-level is also called a tri-level design because it divides the home’s floor plan into the three different levels. The upper level usually composed of the sleeping space, the middle level houses the living room, the dining and the kitchen while the lower level houses the recreation or entertainment space for the family.  Sometimes there is also a basement that is used as a storage.

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  1. Can you email me the floor plan with cost estimate, our total lot size is 300 sqm , front 13.5m, 2 sides both 22m,back 13.65m. I prefer 150-170sqm loving space, master bedroom plus 2 regular bedrooms .

  2. Nice design, i love it, kindly plese send me a copy of the floor plan of this house, i prefer the blue grey roof.

  3. Bonjour,
    Plan captivant. Pouvez-vous me revenir avec le plan au complet y compris le sous sol. Combien peut on prévoir pour l’exécution. Merci de votre retour avec vos conditions

  4. Very nice design. I very interest split level home design, especially 7.5 m x 10.5 m, 4 master bedrooms and 2 single rooms with kitchen and carport. Please sent me ideas for this. Thanks alot.

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