Thai-style Three-bedroom 1.5-storey House Design

Are you familiar with 1.5-storey houses? Have you seen one? In case you are not familiar with it and you haven’t seen one before, here is a 1.5-storey house.  Check it to get familiar with 1.5-storeys.

1.5-storey house means the upper level does not have full height ceilings on the perimeter (outside) walls. If any part of the upper level ceilings are sloped, it’s technically a 1.5-storey house. Advanced House Plans wrote that a 1.5 storey house is as tall as  a 2-storey home, but the primary living spaces like the living room, dining area and kitchen are located in the main floor while the master bedroom and other bedrooms are located upstairs.  The upper level may be 6-step higher than the main level or it may have the regular stairs s a 2-storey has.


There can be various designs for a 1.5 storey home.  While many would consider a master bedroom to be located in the main floor, others would also place it on the upper level like in this 1.5-storey house here.  The master bedroom and a small worship room are located in the upper floor, which basically what the upper floor only contains.


  • Contemporary 1.5 storeys with classic touch
  • three bedrooms
  • balcony
  • L-shape terrace
  • carport for two cars
  • three toilets and  bath
  • cross hipped roof style

There are two bedrooms in the main level, one of which has its own toilet and bath, a very spacious living room, a common toilet, and a kitchen with a dining area.

There is also a spacious terrace for outdoor relaxation of the family and this can also serve as a receiving area for guests especially those who do not plan to stay for long.

The upper level accommodates only one big bedroom called the master bedroom.  It has its dressing room and its own toilet.  There is also a small worship room.

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    1. im interested on this type of house, i have 240 square meter lot here in villa verder novaliches,qc. how much estimated to built this type of house pls. call me 09369731991

    2. Pls can you provide the 1.5 thai style house floor plan and how much estimated to built this hous.pls call ke asap 09369731991

    3. Hi, I would like to know how much is the cost to build this house design. Thank you so much.

    4. I am planning a 1.5 for my country home where I hope to retire. I am willing to purchase an adequate plan. Please guide me to your website where I am able to see the different types of the 1.5

    5. Like it!!! I want to build at Yangon.Could you send the floor plans for the house,showing all angles and elevation

    6. Please can I have the inner details showing where the staircase is ?
      This is an awesome plan.
      I really need to build one in Ghana. I will share this plan to make the type of this building very popular.

    7. This is an awesome design,may you send the floor plans for the house,showing all angles and elevation

    8. THis looks beautiful. What is the build cost for this type of house and would it be possible to have a 4 bedroom version. The house will be situated in Chainat Province

    9. I like the design and would want to adopt it for a country home project that I am planning to embark on next year.

      My only problem with the design is that the first bedroom downstairs in not en-suite. Is there any adjustment that can be made to the design to accommodate this?

    10. Good day. We are interested in building a 1.5 and like this design very much (with a few minor modifications). Can you please send the plans and also any other information/ plans that you may feel relevant? Thank you in advance.

    11. Like it!!! I want to build at Pyin Oo Lwin,Myanmar.Could you send the floor plans for the house,showing all angles and elevation

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