Bungalow House Plan with a Gable Roof

Bungalow house designs are already popular a few decades ago and lately have seen their resurgence in status. In fact, you’ll see them lined up everywhere in a variety of sizes and styles from simple to amazing designs. There are numerous reasons for choosing a one storey house which can be the home you had to settle with. Find out why this charming bungalow house plan will be a great inspiration and make a smart choice for most homebuyers.

This house design caters to modern families who want to appreciate every space of the house, no matter how small the size is. This house that shines in a fusion of white, grey, and brown shades lends the elevation a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Picture of Bungalow House Plan with a Gable Roof

It features a small porch serving as an entryway to access the inner spaces through a wooden door. The exterior façade is wrapped with a wooden clad wall and sufficient glass windows that shower the interior with tons of light and air. Likewise, with glass elements on the perimeter, the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier. Additionally, they protect and keep the internal rooms private.

Smart design for the comfort of a small family, this unit looks graceful layers of gable roof with large corrugated tiles in grey color, thus giving a gentle and comfortable atmosphere. The roof assembly blends perfectly with the creamy white exterior walls.

Specifications of Bungalow House Plan with a Gable Roof

A small floor area of 55.0 sq, meters accommodates this bungalow house. The space spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom, two bathrooms, and parking space.

The flow of the living spaces creates an enjoyable lifestyle that occupies the front and left sections. The living and dining rooms enjoy a free-flowing concept with an effortless flow to the kitchen. On the other hand, the lone bedroom with a private ensuite is in front of the living room. Meanwhile, the carport sits comfortably on the right side of the house.

Indeed, a beautiful house for a small family.

Image Credit: Subparod Studio

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