This 1.5 storeys Modern House is Everybody’s Dream

Have you ever wondered how a 1.5-storey house looks like? Have you seen one posted on our website lately? Here is another one we are featuring today. Whatever the reason why you prefer a 1.5-storey home – whether it’s cost or convenience, or making the most of your materials and space, Cool House Concepts offers you some 1.5-storey designs you can refer to.  Check  this one out.

Advanced House Plans explains that 1.5-story house plan gives several of the advantages of a two-storey home without actually being a two-storey story home. These homes often have larger living areas and vaulted ceilings that give the home a more open feel.

How can a one and a half story house plan become beneficial to the home owner? For sure, a 1 ½ story house makes creative use of loft areas and multi-purpose rooms. They also make more efficient use of building materials, making your home look bigger than it is (especially if you choose to have a two-story great room) and using space effectively.

The primary living spaces and the master bedroom are usually located on the main floor in 1.5-storey homes.  They are as tall as two-storey homes where the other bedrooms like guest room, music room, or a mini-library are located.

The living room, kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom can be located on the main floor while the other areas will be located upstairs. This gives a plenty of space for the family members and visiting guests.


The design really looks cool and attractive. The presence of two verandas on its frontage offers additional attraction and beauty to this structure.

This is how the back looks like.  The stairs are designed beautifully and it added appeal to its design.

The House Designers emphasizes that other 1 ½-story homes are essentially one story, many still with high gables and windows, but they have a bonus room located in a loft or above the garage like this house on feature today. The benefit of this setup is that the bonus room can be finished at a later time if necessary, and it increases the flexibility of the home.

Source: banrakdesign


  1. I’m interested on a 1.5 story with 3 bedrooms. Master bed will be at the main level, all 3 bedrooms have their own bathroom/closet. A small maid’s quarter, powder room also at the main level. Rough estimate of the budget for this house. Thank you.

  2. How can I have a plan of the featured 11/2 storey building? Please get back to me with the cost of the plan and cost of building it.

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