DIY Key Holder Ideas You Can Do At Home

DIY Key Holder
Never forget your keys again by creating your own DIY key holder at home!

Have you tried making a DIY key holder at home?

It is really troublesome to lose your keys. By the time you already stepped out of the house, you will realize that you don’t have your keys with you. Or worse, while you are eager to go home, you will notice that you don’t have your keys.

If you want to have a constant reminder to bring your keys once you get out of the house, you need to have a key holder in an area you can easily see. But you don’t need to have a large space to have that!

To create a DIY key holder, you need to make a little space in your home where you can put your keys. All you need to have is a little creativity and imagination to make the space look interesting and stylish.

DIY Key Holder Ideas

If you are thinking of setting up a DIY key holder at home and you don’t have any idea how, here are some DIY ideas that will surely awake your imagination.

Key Holder Out of Wooden Board

Paint A Vintage Frame And Place Old Keys As Decoration

Place Old Knobs And Use Them To Hold Your Keys

Make A Wall Art And Hang Your Keys

Create A Funny DIY Key Holder From A Tennis Ball

Make A Key Holder In A Shape Of A Mustache

Old Utensils? Use Them As Key Holders

Cut A Piece Of Wood In A Shape Of A Letter

Decorate An Old Wooden Board With A Vase And Flowers

Make A Vintage Wooden Board And Label It

Create A MultiFunctional Peg Board And Use It To Hold Jars And Keys

Create A Fun DIY Key Holder From Legos

Tips When Creating A DIY Key Holder

  • Determine the function of your key holder. Other than holding your keys, you can make a multi-functional one. Use it to hang your umbrellas, purses, hats or jackets.
  • Choose the spot. Find the perfect place for your key holder. A lot of people put their key holders near the main door that they use to enter and exit the house. This way, it is easy to hang or grab the keys on their way out.
  • Choose the design and materials. You can get creative! Let your DIY key holder express your taste, style or hobby! You can go simple, rustic, elegant or traditional by combing any types of materials.

Do you have any ideas what kind of DIY key holder you want to incorporate in your home?

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