Charming Small Home Design with Cozy Outdoor Living

Generally, houses are constructed to fit locations that suit their surroundings. We observe that most modern homes are best in urban communities, while country homes fit in a rural environment. You will love this charming small home design built in the middle of a green location and setting, which showcases a perfect combination of style, comfort, and practicality. If you’re looking for a quiet place, to enjoy a stress-free life, this home is the perfect vacation house.

Picture of Charming Small Home Design with Cozy Outdoor Living

With an accent of a modern twist, this design will offer you a peaceful feeling while taking your time away from city life. The combination of natural wood, glass elements, and veneer stones with polished workmanship creates a timelessly classic house. Aside from its beauty, the blend of green and yellow hues lends a pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of Charming Small Home Design with Cozy Outdoor Living

This bungalow house design has a simple exterior – an open terrace with marble tiles and a bench for seating secured by a shed roof. The elevation also features a wall cladding with green-colored veneer stones and slim rectangular glass windows that bring comfort to the interior. Additionally, a pair of shed roofs and the exterior walls treated with raw cement finish is stylish and unique.

Picture of Charming Small Home Design with Cozy Outdoor Living

Picture of Charming Small Home Design with Cozy Outdoor Living

Specifications of Charming Small Home Design

The interior features a simple, straightforward layout that includes the family living and dining area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The living space is graceful with wooden planks floor and cream walls that embrace a modern touch and feel. Likewise, the space looks bright and feels cozy as lots of natural air and light transmit inside.

The bedroom also features wooden floor tiles, while the walls are in plain raw cement finish.

The bathroom looks tidy in white paint with simple fixtures.

This vacation house stands in a 69.0 sq. meter floor area. It features the combined living space in front of the terrace, a bedroom in the front corner, and the kitchen and bathroom pong the opposite corner at the back.

To sum up. there’s something about this home that gives it a welcoming ambiance. The sunny frontage is bathed in light, creating a space where the family can enjoy outdoor dining or family-related activities.

Obviously, you will have a complete and ultimate vacation in this resort house with a comfortable environment.

Image Credit: Karoon Home and Building

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