Stylish Modern House Plan with Brimming Landscaping

If you are scouting for great design, you’ll adore this stylish modern house plan that offers ultimate comfort. It floats with a smart design and elegant architectural concept in refined workmanship. With its remarkable features, this modern home aims to inspire a lot of families and homebuyers. Who would not be amazed by the modern styling of this design that stands out with beautiful aesthetics?

Description of Stylish Modern House Plan

This beautiful contemporary ranch home has elegant design features that are sure to satisfy all members of the family. The delightful front porch, tall multi-pane windows, wall cladding with accents of dark brown veneer stones, and steel battens combine to create a spectacular exterior of the house. This one-storey house with 20.0 sq. meters of fully conditioned living space screams in a fusion of white, dark brown, and blue-green tones that create a fascinating atmosphere.

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Brimming Landscaping

The first thing you’ll observe with this house is a feeling of serenity that comes over you. The exterior facade is attractive and all-encompassing without overwhelming the senses. It headlines a small covered porch that looks gorgeous with brown marble tiles and is secured by a canopy roof that extends to the carport.

It takes tons of time and consideration to have a house plan that provides all of the essential features you need for maximum functionality and comfort. Likewise, the features increase the aesthetic value of the house. Additionally, the corner wall cladding with accents of veneer stones provides an extra punch that heightens the house’s character.

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Brimming Landscaping

Both the location and setting offer coziness that extends to the inner spaces. Likewise, utilizing glass elements showers tons of light and air that make the interior look brighter and feel comfier. Equally, the windows provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere, while still keeping the privacy of the inner rooms.

Incredibly impressive with this modern design are the layers of shed roofs with grey tiles, blue-green gable, and white ceilings. In fact, the low roof line flows with the surrounding landscape and promotes a sense of calm and ease. Visibly, the refined workmanship complements the elegance of the spotless exterior walls in a classy white plaster finish.

Specifications of Stylish Modern House Plan

You’ll love the spacious feeling in this house with an excellent design that stands in a lot of 12.5 x 10.5 dimensions. The usable space of the 120.0 sq. meter floor plan provides a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry area, and carport.

The impressive entrance door leads you to the airy great room. The ambiance in the interior is enhanced by the open floor plan concept and beautiful window treatments surrounding the house. The great living room is spacious and the family guests can enjoy the warmth and comfort the house provides. The living spaces occupy the front and right sections, while the left and back sections feature the bedrooms. Meanwhile, the gorgeous carport finds its comfortable spot on the right side of the house.

To sum up, the spacious and comfortable outdoor space with well-trimmed landscaping invites ultimate comfort. Indeed, a perfect venue for relaxation and outdoor dining.

Image Credit: Naibann

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