Elegant Contemporary House Design with Nordic Concept

Nordic house designs embrace uncluttered spaces and functionally focused on practical aspects. Their simplicity, efficiency, and understated beauty give everything a reason and a place to exist. This elegant contemporary house design in Nordic concept characterizes minimalism. It offers restriction and simplicity of lines and forms that are heightened by details creating a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, one element that is common to these plans is the high ceiling design with a gable roof and large glasses Discover its remarkable features.

This elegant family home in Nordic concept will definitely stand out because of its beauty and grace. There are plenty of well-placed windows that shower the interior with lots of natural light. Likewise, it utilizes neutral color hues both indoors and out and simple architectural details that further celebrate the minimalism of this style.

Description of Elegant Contemporary House Design

This house design suits locations with long winters and short summers. As can be seen, the design is not blown-up with many embellishments. However, the simplicity of the exterior façade is undoubtedly elegant and graceful. Thanks to the amazing fusion of white, grey, and, brown hues that create a pleasing atmosphere.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House Design with Nordic Concept

This contemporary house design features a small porch serving as an entryway to access the inner spaces through glass doors. The exterior façade screams elegance with plenty of green-tinted glass panels, high-pitched cross gable roofs, and a gorgeous carport secured by concrete screen blocks. These glass elements along with the spotless exterior walls in cream tone come together in refined workmanship that exudes grace and elegance.

Cleverly designed for the convenience of the family, this home plan offers comfort at high with plenty of glass elements. Aside from the aesthetic sense, the glass panels give the family the privilege to view the outdoor space, and at the same time protect the privacy of the internal rooms. Similarly, with high ceilings, you can feel an immediate sense of space and air, thus increasing the internal comfort level.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House Design with Nordic Concept

Specifications of Contemporary House Design

This stunning design features a floor plan with efficient use of space. The floor layout in an open concept utilizes a usable building space of 120.0 sq. meters, that spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

The front porch gives the home a real instant comfort feeling of relaxation on arrival. You can access the inner spaces through sliding glass doors. Once inside, you will observe the living spaces in the middle section of the plan. The impressive gourmet kitchen sits privately at the back which serves as the central hub for great meals and extends to the rear outdoor living.

On the other hand, the three bedrooms border the living spaces on both sides. The master suite with a private bath and walk-in robe sit on the left front corner. The secondary bedrooms are also provided with individual walk-in closets.  Meanwhile, the two-car garage finds its comfortable place on the right side of the house. It looks gorgeous as secured by a wall vent and a flat roof with lighting.

Picture of Elegant Contemporary House Design with Nordic Concept

Overall, the cozy outdoor living space offers excellent comfort that is perfect for outdoor dining and relaxation.

Image Credit: Naibann

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