Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony

Home seekers are always bombarded by issues concerning budgets, type of house, design, features, and location. The most critical factor to consider is the financial capacity of the family. Provided that finances answer all claims, then it is not difficult to achieve all that you want for a house. If you opt to own a two storey residence, I am very much willing to recommend this double storey house plan with a spacious balcony for your consideration.

Living in this century is identical to appreciating a contemporary life. Subsequently, it’s like being in a modern home with the best benefits a house can offer. The existing design has the description of a resort-style home. Check the features of this residence and find out why this will win the hearts of most homeowners.

Picture of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony
Description of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony

The house in feature will suit any housing location, whether in rural and urban communities, beach, or private properties. In fact, the characteristics of this residence will fit in any lifestyle and character. The house utilizes 140.0 sq. meters for both floors with reasonable area to accommodate all elements wisely. Actually, the main focus of this house is the balconies at both levels especially on the functions that they will offer.

Visibly, the exterior façade of the house bears a simple design. The architectural finish is not as lavish or elegant as most houses that we see in every street. In fact the exterior is very raw with a combination of salt concrete finish on the walls and plain concrete finish on base, columns, corners, girders and beams.

The features of this residence are the same as any other houses – glass doors and windows enclosed on dark grey aluminum casements for ventilation purposes.

Picture of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony

This resort-style residence has one step elevation above the natural grade line, the base of which is painted in grey. The walls are in salt concrete finish in all elevations and are provided with sufficient glass windows with dark grey frames. Meanwhile, the concept of the entire stairs assembly utilizes stainless steel material painted in black.

Picture of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony

The roof design is also simple with two shed roofs with the assembly in opposite orientation sloping sideward. As an extra appeal, the roof is provided with wooden clerestory.  

Picture of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony
Specifications and Floor Plan of Double Storey House Plan with Spacious Balcony

As a double storey house, it can accommodate more and wider spaces. You will notice that the spaces and arrangements are for a resort. Its specifications include the following. The ground floor has two sections, the open and the enclosed area. The open space represents the living and dining spaces and the spacious balcony. On the other hand, the enclosed section has one bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The parking space occupies a comfortable spot at the right corner of the open space.

Meanwhile, the upper floor has two divisions as well, the closed section has the family hall, two bedrooms and one bathroom. The other portion is also an open spacious balcony. The bedrooms sit side by side in front of the plan, while the bathroom settles at the back section. The living hall is between the bedrooms and bathroom.

If you will notice, tis design and its features are characteristics of a resort home. The open spaces on both levels are extensions for family relaxation, parties, social functions and other related activities,

However, should the owner change the function of the house, then it can be re-designed into a real private residence. With a space of 140.0 meters for two floors, this house can be converted into a sophisticated house that will be best in urban communities.

Anyway, the current set-up is definitely pleasant and comfortable.

Image Credit: TP5 Home Design House


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