Splendid One Storey House Featuring a Roof Deck

Buying or building a house is the biggest financial decision many people make. Among the questions you need to ask yourself is: am I going to buy or build?  Your bank will dictate which option favors you. Consider this – It does feel good to own your own house; you can feel like it is a home and not just a temporary dwelling. If you’re not pressed in a budget then we offer this splendid one storey house with a roof deck for your consideration.

A home is very important because it is where your heart lives. For this reason, in as much as you can, you will try to have this investment the best as possible. Presently, style and functionality define a house to be a hot trend with space utilization being the trademark of contemporary architecture. Well, let us check the characteristics of the house in feature.

Picture of Splendid One Storey House Featuring a Roof Deck
Description of Splendid One Storey House

Once again, the blend of white and grey shades put residential architecture into a distinct level. The blend of these colors is everywhere in this house. The spaces are spread across a building space of 93.0 sq. meters. Visibly, the exterior façade utilized good choices of materials and assembled in the most refined methods. Consequently, the workmanship produced a masterpiece of grace and sophistication.

This amazing residence represents a perfect signature of what a house could be. The exterior excellently shines in every aspect – materials, concepts, assembly, and workmanship which is very clean. In fact, the entire exterior façade simply explodes into pleasantness by utilizing a blend of soft and cool shades of white and grey.

For a little spice on the design, the doors and window frames are introduced in a coffee brown hue in the elevation to lend a unique look to the house. However, the overall appearance still looks magnificent.  The class that this house delivers is definitely amazing.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Splendid One Storey House

The interiors of this house carry a design theme of lighter shades. The interiors look more spacious with an open concept removing all unnecessary walls between spaces. This 93.0 sq meters floor area has a terrace, living room, dining area, three bedrooms, one attached and one common bathroom, kitchen, stair room and a roof deck. The bedrooms have simple designs. All elevations have windows to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level.

A smart layout of the spaces created a functional floor plan. Consequently, the plan invites better mobility and accessibility for all the spaces. The design features a terrace that leads directly to the living room through the main door. The living spaces from a triangular set-up on the left side. Meanwhile, the private zone occupies the right section of the plan sitting on the three corners surrounding the living spaces.

With the comfort observed in the interior, the pleasantness outside the house is even more satisfying with a lovely garden and landscaping.

Image Credit: HomePictures

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