Modern Home One Storey 2 Bedrooms with Roof Deck

Looking for spacious one storey with roof deck? Here it is, a modern home designed to be built in 1108 Square Feet (103 Square Meters). With very attractive exterior view, you will love this design due to its robust features.

The ground floor consists of the 2 bedrooms, sit-out or porch, dining, kitchen, common and en-suite bathroom  and service area.

Reference to the floor plan above, the porch area is 3.15 meters by 3 meters which can also be used as a garage when not use as porch. the sit-out area is 6.5 meters in width and 1.5 meters depth, wide enough to accommodate visitors.

Living and dining is combined and can be seen when opening the main door and also 6.5 meters in width. The combined area of living and dining is 21.45 square meters.

Next to the living room is a 3.3 by 2.7 meters bedroom with en-suite toilet and bath. This bedroom can be used as master’s bedroom due to its feature (en-suite bathroom) and convenience.

At the left side of the plan are the bedroom, common toilet and bath, kitchen and work area or service area. The stair is also designed to be at the middle rear which leads you to the roof deck. The roof decks covers the whole area of the ground floor except the staircase location. This area is very spacious and can be used for small gatherings for family and friends or relatives.

Making most out of your lot is accompanied by costs since larger area of the house will require more costs in terms of materials and labor. make sure that you are not building a house that will be very big for a small family or not enough for a big family.

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