Elegant Six Bedrooms Double Storey House Plan

double storey house
If you are looking for a double storey house plan, here is an ideal design for you.

Having a place you can call your own is one of the highlights of a family life. However, once you make a decision of buying or building your future home, one of the biggest choices you will make is choosing between a single or double storey house design. When choosing, it is important to consider your lifestyle, your personal needs, the lot area, and the location.

If you are in need of a more livable space or if you have a bigger budget to use for your future home, a double storey house design is more ideal. Compared with a duplex or a single storey home, building a double storey house is significantly more cost effective. It can double up the liveable space without costing twice the price.

If you are looking for a double storey house plan, here is an ideal design for you.

This elegant six bedrooms two storey house plan has a modern exterior design. The combination of yellow and orange hues gives this whole house an inviting vibe. There are also brick accent walls surrounding this home. It uses a galvanized tile roofing that added sophistication to the exterior.

The walls of this house have several glass windows. The garage is spacious and is covered with a roof. In case you will not use it as a garage, placing a table with chairs can make it a perfect spot to chill out or to enjoy brunch.

From the main entry door, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. Just a few steps from the reception area is the first bedroom, which can be converted to a guest room, and the dining hall. The dining hall is connected from the lanai outside by a rolling door.

The kitchen has an open-concept. To separate the eating and the cooking areas, the kitchen comes with an attached mini bar. From the dining hall, you will find the common toilet and bath beside the staircase while the first bedroom and the storage areas can be accessed from the kitchen.

The four other bedrooms are on the second floor. Right beside the staircase, the family can enjoy a time together in the family hall watching a movie or playing board games. The occupants of the three smaller bedrooms can use the common toilet and bath on this floor.

The Master’s Bedroom is very spacious. It has a lounging area and a working area too. There are a walk-in closet and an attached toilet and bath with a provision for a bathtub.

Here is the floor plan of this double storey house:




  • Floor Plan ID : CHC18-016
  • Area : 179 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 6
  • Bathrooms : 3
  • Garages : 1
  • Style : Two Story House Plans


  • Rough Finished Budget : 2,148,000 – 2,506,000
  • Semi Finished Budget : 2,864,000 – 3,222,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget : 3,580,000 – 3,938,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget : 4,296,000 – 5,012,000

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