4 Essential Kitchen Design and Storage Trends for 2021

When taking a look at the most popular and common rooms in the home to renovate, the kitchen tends to be near the top of the list, if not at the very top of the list. It’s an area of the home that people spend a lot of time in, so it’s only natural you want the space to be functional, comfortable, organized, and stylish. If your current kitchen doesn’t check off these boxes then a makeover may be in order.

Here’s a look at four essential kitchen and design storage trends that are big for 2021, and that could be included in your plans.

Granite’s Out and Quartz Is In

Replacing the countertops is a great way to modernize your kitchen and make it feel fresh, and this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the quartz trend. Where it used to be that granite was the material of choice, for 2021 it’s all about quartz counters. These are actually easier to maintain and clean, plus they are extremely durable.

Warm Colors Make a Return

Here’s a trend that hasn’t been popular for a while now, but seems to be making a comeback for 2021. Gone are the stark white kitchens, replaced with warm, rich, and natural tones. Think dark browns, rich colored wines, and even dark blues and greens for a pop of color.

This also means the return of darker, more natural, shades of wood being used. If you like the look of wood, you can also embrace another hot trend at the moment which is reclaimed wood.

Creative Smart Storage is Trending

When it comes to kitchen storage trends for 2021, there is a real emphasis on finding solutions that are both creative and smart. This is even more important for kitchens that are lacking in space as storage will be essential in keeping things organized and tidy.

Some ideas you can use in your update include gutting your pantry, adding shelves and storage containers, labeling each container along with the date it was filled, and putting things back in your pantry based on priority – make the most-used items easy to access.

It’s also wise to make use of walls for storage by hanging shelves and racks. Vertical space often goes under-utilized in the home, so take advantage of this where you can.

Drawer and cabinet organizers will not only keep things neat and tidy but often allow you to store more items in them. You can visit sites like homeproam.com for more kitchen storage ideas.

Make a Statement with a Trendy Faucet

If you are only going to make a few small changes to the kitchen, then one thing you will definitely want to replace is the faucet. The trend for 2021 is all about large faucets that make a design statement in the room. You can also step outside the box when it comes to the finish, choosing something with a bit more personality.

Each of these trends will not only prove to be stylish in 2021 but they will ensure that your kitchen is functional and comfortable.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of choices to choose from when you are designing your kitchen. Here are open kitchen design ideas that you can apply to your cooking area. If you want to design your kitchen check this kitchen design & fitting in Stafford company.

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