Three Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior

Are you finally planning to build or buy a house? Doing so is perhaps the most significant financial decision you will make because it is a precious investment. When you decide to build or buy a house, you should consider factors that will affect your current and future status and lifestyle. Anyway, we offer here a beautiful 3 bedroom floor plan with a well-defined cross hip roof for your inspiration and reference.

The house we feature now is a contemporary bungalow house which consists of 3 bedrooms. The floor area is spacious with 168.00 sq. meters making each room reasonably spacious for mobility and comfort. Obviously, what you see is a masterpiece of refined and clean architectural details. The concept, design and workmanship are very impressive.  

Picture of Three  Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior
Features of Three  Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior 

The design of this house is stylish that defines modernism and sophistication. Visibly, the exterior façade simply bursts with grace in all aspects. It features an elevated concept with a porch, a terrace in front, and a verandah on the left side. Having so many open spaces, there will be no issues as to crowdedness. In fact, these concepts offer benefits when it comes to family relaxation and entertaining guests and friends.

Picture of Three  Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior

The porch and terrace in an elevated scheme are decorated with dark grey marble tiles and black-painted guardrails. They are also secured by durable pillars with accents of brown colored stacked stones and cornices in white tone at the top of the columns. In contrast with most houses with glass doors, this house uses a wood medium for the main entrance door. It also features opaque window glasses in white frames installed in appropriate locations. The sconce lights on the columns deliver a relaxing and romantic appeal to the house.

The other elevations of the house are designed with the required glass windows in white frames as well that supply enough air and light to ventilate the interior of the building. Furthermore, the exterior walls look very tidy with a mineral plaster finish in cream paint. Certainly, one of the highlights of this featured house is the well-designed, high-pitched cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles. Additionally, the bottom base painted in grey shade complements to the beauty and grace of the house.

Picture of Three  Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior
Specifications and Flor Plan of Three  Bedroom Floor Plan with Elegant Exterior 

An elegant house, it stands in a lot with dimensions of 14.0 x 12.0 meters that yields a usable building space of 168.0 sq. meters. Being spacious, the plan consists of, a porch, terrace, verandah, living room dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, informal diner and a carport.

A very functional layout, the living spaces form a triangular form that enjoys an open concept. Consequently, this offers better mobility and accessibility of the spaces. While the living spaces occupy the left section, the private section sits on the right side.

The porch will lead you to the living room through the main door. The dining room settles at the left of the living room while the kitchen is just in front of the dining room. Meanwhile, the bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the entire right portion of the design. There is an informal diner at the left and is accessible from the formal dining room through sliding glass doors. The carport finds its perfect comfortable spot on the left corner of the house.

The interior feels comfortable because of the sizes of the rooms, while the exterior on the other hand is pleasant and cozy because of the lovely and inviting garden.

Indeed, not only is this house aesthetically pleasing but so comfortable as well. What more can you ask for?

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