Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

We are in an era where modern houses are the common choices of most families. But then, some people prefer to have their house in a classic design or with a traditional theme. In fact, these types of houses offer some sentimental value to owners. The house we feature today is a modern residential house design with a little traditional touch. This house plan has a deep character as it is more romantic and family-oriented. Check its outstanding features.

The featured residence is a single storey house with three bedrooms. The building space is 132.00 sq. meters giving each space a reasonable area so there is no anxious feeling of crowdedness. Visibly, the unit bears a traditional touch considering the type of door, windows, and the use of a high-pitched roof design.

Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch
Description of Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

The style might be partially traditional, but, the other aspects and concepts are contemporary in nature.  This modern residence includes all the required rooms that the family needs: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, complete living spaces, and a spacious frontage.

This single storey house features a terrace in an elevated scheme decorated with grey marble tiles, dark grey guardrails, wood planks on the ceiling, and a flat roof. It also features a big-sized door made of wood and glass and French-type glass windows with brown color. These are very traditional in style. Additionally, the exterior façade looks very prominent with pillars accented by natural stones on the lower part and concrete finish in cream color on the upper height. The sconce lights on the pillars and outside walls add a romantic appeal to the house.

Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

The other elevations of the house are designed with awning windows with brown frames which helps in ventilating the interior of the structure. The exterior walls looks very tidy with mineral plaster finish in cream shade. The most significant aspect of this residence is the high-pitched cross hip roof assembly with well-defined grey tiles. Likewise, the bottom base painted in grey adds more appeal to the house.

Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

Moreover, the rear elevation is designed similar to the front exterior considering the door and windows. It looks equally impressive with the stairs secured by white-painted guardrails.

Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

The spacious frontage is decorated with rectangular concrete tiles which is extended around the perimeter of the house. In fact the space can serve as an extension of the living room for recreation, informal diner and for entertaining friends and guests.  

Specifications and Flor Plan of Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

This residential house stands in a lot with dimensions 11.0 x 12.0 meters that yield a usable space of 132.0 sq. meters. It includes the terrace, living room dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage room and an open parking space.

The elevated terrace leads you to the living through the main entrance door. The design features the living spaces in a free-flowing concept that delivers giving better mobility and accessibility. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms are sitting on the three corners of the house surrounding the living room. The two bathrooms sit side by side and adjacent to the storage room on the right corner at the back.

Overall, the setting and environment of this residence offer a pleasing ambience enough to establish a close family ties.

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