Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm

One of the highlights of a family life is having their own house. In fact, a house is perhaps one of the most precious investment a family could have. Similarly, it is the place where you can feel real comfort, freedom and privacy. We live in the age where contemporary houses are the common preference of most families, yet, some people opt to have one with a traditional accent. Let us offer you this modern traditional home plan with enduring charm which I believe will be loved by most families.

When choosing a home, it is important to consider your lifestyle, personal needs, the lot area, and location. Certainly, this featured house will satisfy your desire that meets the mentioned aspects. The building space is reasonably big at 142.00 sq. meters accommodating three bedrooms. As can be seen, the unit explodes with a traditional accent considering the type of door, windows and utilizing high pitch in roof design.

Picture of Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm
Characteristics of Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm

The style of assembly of the materials seem to behave in a traditional way, but the other architectural details are very contemporary.  This modern residence includes all the required rooms that the family needs – spacious rooms eliminating the anxious feeling of crowdedness.

As a modern traditional home, it features an entry porch with one step elevation dressed with grey natural marble tiles, wood planks on the ceiling, and a hip roof. In contrast with many houses using glass door, this unit uses a wooden door instead. It is coupled with French-type glass windows with brown-colored aluminum frames. Moreover, the exterior façade looks very prominent with pillars on the porch and garage with accents of stones in grey shade.

Picture of Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm

The refined assembly and workmanship give this house an elegant and graceful character. The blend of white and grey tones simply deliver a pleasant and cool feeling.

Picture of Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm
Elevation Details

Here is the right side elevation bursting with the base painted in a grey hue. Likewise, serving an additional character is the bottom layer with accents of natural stone also in grey color.

Picture of Modern Traditional Home Plan with Enduring Charm

The rear elevation is equally impressive as the other facades. The same materials and assembly are used in the door and windows. Similarly, the bottom section has a light grey-colored base and a layer of natural grey bricks.

One amazing features of this house in not only focused on the materials and assembly, but the consistency of concepts and workmanship applied in the whole design. The materials used, the color mix and the style are clear visible in all angles.

The exterior walls are magnificent with refinement and tidiness. They shine with mineral plaster finish in white color. Moreover, all elevations are provided with the required glass windows in French style for ventilation of the interior.

What about the roof design? This is the most superb aspect of the design – a high-pitched cross hip roof assembly defined prominently by grey tiles.

Specifications and Flor Plan of Modern Residential House with Traditional Touch

A beautiful modern traditional house plan, it stands in a lot that measures 10.5 x 13.5 meters that yields a usable building space of 142.0 sq. meters. The design features a porch, living room dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

The design presents a porch that leads you to the living room through the entrance door. The layout features the living spaces in a free-flowing concept. Sitting in the middle of the plan, the living spaces offer better mobility and accessibility. Meanwhile, the three bedrooms are sitting on the left section of the house and in front of the dining room. On the other hand, the right side has the kitchen at the back and the front spot belongs to the carport.

Undoubtedly, the lovely setting and landscaping is a perfect place for families who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

Image Credit: HomePlan2U


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