Perfect For A Small Family: Minimalist House Design With Two Bedrooms

minimalist house design
This minimalist house design has two bedrooms, a common bathroom, and a living room.

Choosing a minimalist house design, if you have a smaller lot size is a wise and budget-friendly decision. Due to the ever-rising cost of lots and building materials, a lot of people can only afford a smaller lot size and house for their future home. With only 57 square meters total floor area, this minimalist house design is the best choice for you and your family.

With a simple design, the roofing design of this minimalist house design is unique. Apart from the main flat roof design, it also has a secondary flat roofing, giving the whole house an illusion that has an antique.

The facade is simple and neat, and the floor is slightly elevated from the ground. The whole house is painted in soft cream. There are several windows surrounding the home, making the house adequately ventilated.

Before reaching the whole house, there is a mini-porch where you can spend the mornings or afternoons, after a long day of work. Instead of the traditional wooden door, it uses a thick tempered glass door.

From the porch, the first room that you will see is the living room. On the left is an empty space that you can use as the dining area. Just a few steps from the living and dining rooms is the first bedroom.

Right in front of the living area is the kitchen. The kitchen has an open-layout concept and has a space for everything: The stove, the refrigerator, the dishwashing area, and the pantry. It also has access to the common toilet and bath as well as the service area at the back of the house.

Another bedroom is located in front of the dining room. All of the bedrooms in this minimalist house design has enough space for a full-size bed, bedside tables, and entertainment walls.

Check out the floor plan of this minimalist house design here:

Not only because the floor area is small does it mean that you have to sacrifice the rooms and comfortability of your house. If you want to see more house designs like this, make sure to check out more designs from Cool House Concepts!

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