Minimalist House Design With Three Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

minimalist house design
The exterior of this minimalist house design is clean and simple.

Choosing a minimalist house design if you have a small lot is a wise decision. With the ever-rising cost of lots and building materials, most of us can only afford a small floor plan when it comes to our future home.

If you have a smaller lot, this minimalist house design will fit perfectly.

This house is simple in design. The facade is simple and neat. The walls of this minimalist house design are painted with the combination of dark brown and soft brown. The garage is open, with a small porch to welcome and lead you to the living area.

From the main entryway, you will be greeted by the spacious living room, which can accommodate you and your guests. In front of the living room is the kitchen, with a u-shaped design. It is separated from the living space with a separate door and also has access to the service area at the back.

Just a few steps away from the living room and kitchen are the dining room, and sleeping areas. There are three bedrooms in this house: Two smaller bedrooms for the children and a larger Master’s Bedroom with attached toilet and bath.

All bedrooms have enough space for the side tables, built-in cabinets, dresser or working table, and an entertainment wall. There is also a common toilet and bath that the family can use.

Here’s the floor plan of this minimalist house design:

Not only because you have a single storey house does it mean that it will lack all the rooms and spaces that the family needs. With a minimalist house design like this, you can get to enjoy and live in comfort, even if you have a lesser budget.

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