Impressive Modern Contemporary House

Modern design has been gaining popularity over the years and it you see it flourishing in subdivisions, along the highways, and in almost all areas where there is a new house being built.

There had been many times modern houses have been featured in our website and a number of layouts and house concepts for modern architecture were adopted in those designs.

A contemporary house with modern twist on it produces an impressive impact like this house that we are featuring today.  It is a one storey modern contemporary house with an impressive exterior , simple but classy and it exudes elegance.

This is a modern contemporary home is designed to be built in 945 square feet or 87.89 square meters. It is intended to showcase an impressive exterior. The floor plan includes  two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, a living room and a sit out, one attached bathroom to one bedroom and a common bathroom.

Considering its size, this is considered as a minimalist house design as it used all the space to accommodate the important parts of the house.

The staircase leading to the roof deck is one of the major attractions that made this house look appealing to viewers.  Being a two-bedroom house, it maybe considered as a small house but its exterior, employing modern architecture in every angle makes it look so classy, and peaceful.

The use of simple colors also add to the simple but beautiful aura that it projects.  The roof deck maybe used as a venue to host small parties of the family.  It can also be converted into a swimming pool or a garden. It all just depends on what the owner would like to transform it into.

If any plans of remodeling is in the offing, then it must be secure and the architect who built it must be consulted for proper adjustments and reinforcement that may be needed to transform the roof deck into something like a swimming pool or a garden.

There can be many modifications and beautification that can be done.  Designing a home is a continuous process.  Many concepts are now trending and you may want to design your home or just your bedroom or the living room.  Many cool ideas are shared in the internet and all you just need to do is to choose and see if the design fits your preferences



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