Tips to Avoid Accidental Damage to Your Car In the Garage

When danger calls, it can occur anywhere whether it’s on the road or your home. Vehicles like cars need a lot of care, for which most of us make sure it’s secure in the garage. However, our clumsy self or any error can cause damage to the car, despite it being in its home.

Although we cannot control our clumsy self that just rapidly jumps out of nowhere, we can take some precautions to avoid damage in the garage. In this article, we’ll show you some tips to avoid accidental damage in the garage, so you and your car can have a safe ride ahead. Let’s begin!

1. A Well-Lit Garage Keeps the Accidents Away!

A big step toward keeping danger away is to keep the garage as bright as you can. It might not be needed for daytime but if you’re a night owl, it’s a must. Most garages are indoors so keeping lights is an easy but amazing safety measure.

Install bright LEDs, white lights are better. For a fancy look, try warm yellow lights. Make sure whatever lights you get are bright. LED lights are perfect for these because it offers great performance without hurting your wallet much.

2. Organize Your Garage

Speaking of cars, they’re already risky (yet comfortable) vehicles to own. So, keeping your garage organized is a key step for safety.

Keep the tools in the toolbox, ladders, and boxes at the corners. No toys, household items, or even strands of hair should be around. If they’re necessary to keep around, use boxes to keep them in their place. Keep bikes, and scooters separately. You don’t want the car to bump any of the objects and ruin two things at the same time.

The main idea is to keep where things should be. Don’t make a mess around and you should be good to go!

3. Kids and Animals, This Is Not the Place to Play!

Let’s speak about the fur babies first. It makes sense for them to find comfort in the garage because it is an indoor place with lots of warmth and shelter. Even insects can build their homes in the garage as it is warm enough to start planning for their winter holidays.

For pets, keep them away from the garage and make themselves their own comfortable place in the house. Train them to differentiate between house and garage so they don’t stay there for long periods.

For insects, use pesticides to get rid of buildup rodents or moths, and use weather guards to keep them away in the future.

For kids, a garage might be an adventurous place to play during rainy or cold months. On a summer day it is common too because well, garages are the nearest outdoor-indoor hybrid. However, not encouraging these is the safest way to keep them away. If they insist a lot, make sure your vehicle isn’t at the place they will play.

You never know what they do which can damage the car. Keep any sharp tools and stuff away as well.

4. Protective Painting!

You might take any of the protective measures but still somehow cause an accident (hopefully after reading this, it would decrease!) so, let’s get the car extra protection. Applying a layer of protective paint can help you save your car from sudden scratches from accidents. And according to Sensible Digs, these macco paint jobs cost way less than you’re expecting! Taking this step helps you stay stress-free, at least for a one-time accident with the thought that at least the paint is fine. It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t take a long time either.

5. You Park, Keep the Headlights On

Well, it is surprising that we have to mention this on the list but some daredevils choose to ignore this simple step. Even if you’re in the brightest area, keep the headlights on! Make sure you know where you are parking. It makes it safer when you park or try to get it out of the garage.

You will have fewer chances to bump into something and it’s something your car comes into, so use it. This simple gesture can eliminate a lot of accidents from happening. Get the headlights checked too if you find its power being wearing off.

6. Say No to Storing Objects Above the Car!

Imagine this, storing heavy tools above the car, a storm hit, or a strong blow of wind, causing the box of tools to fall on the car, and– you get the idea.

Listing out the accidents that will occur during this step is major, for example, mirrors can break, dents can occur, scratches here and there, and so on. So, storing stuff above the car is a major red flag. As mentioned previously, use the corners, and the sides of the wall. Use racks and organizers to manage the tools, or simply store them in your house.

So, we talked about the things you can do, now here are some things you can add to your car and your garage for more safety!

1. Automated Doors for the Win!

This one is for the dear garage. Accidents can happen as you lift up and down the door manually. It might not be necessary but having an automated door increases safety. As you proceed to park, let the automated doors lift the door to a safe height and then close as it detects the car being inside. Kids or others will not be able to mess with it either. How cool is that! If automated doors aren’t your thing, installing sliding doors can help too!

2. Safety Bumpers

Installing safety bumpers in your car helps to keep your car safe beyond the garage. Statistics say that most accident occurs due to bumping into walls by the rear mirror or the back of the seat. Installing a safety bumper can help absorb the rapid impact and cause less damage to the car. Install them even if you have a vacant garage with just your car to showcase. You want the walls to stay protected too. So take those extra steps! If the walls look weird from the installations, consider decorating the walls too.


Here you have it! All the tips and tricks to avoid the damages occurring in your garage. It’s safe to say that a little care goes a long way. Hope these tips were helpful and can guide you into taking good care of your car and garage. Let us know some of your accidental stories, or some tips that you use in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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