Save On Space: Affordable 2-Bedroom Townhouse Design

townhouse design
Although small, this townhouse has all the rooms to let you live in comfort.

Affordability of a house is one of the major concerns of many house seekers today. Another factor is the space to move around as well as the location of the home. With that being said, this townhouse design is ideal as it offers all these features.

This townhouse has all the rooms that you can find in a larger home: It has two bedrooms, a common bathroom, a dining area, a living room, a kitchen, and a service area.

In spite of the small floor area, this townhouse design is still complete with all the features of a standard house. It has a carport that can accommodate one car. There is also ample space for a sitout area where you can place an outdoor table and chairs.

Stepping inside the house from the main door, you will immediately find the combined living room and dining area. The two bedrooms of the house are located side by side from each other and has the same size. Although this townhouse has a smaller floor area, each bedroom has enough space for a full-size bed, side tables, and provision for a built-in cabinet.

There is also a small but decent-sized kitchen next to the dining area. The common toilet and bath is accessible at the rear side of the house. There is also a secondary door which will lead you to the service area at the back. This service area can be used as a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

Check out the floor plan here:

With all the features of this townhouse, it is very efficient as it has all the rooms that the family needs. It is perfect for families who are just starting or those who want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle.

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