Three Bedroom Colonial House

Colonial House
  • Floor Plan ID : CHC18-005
  • Area : 134 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Garages : 1
  • Style : One Story House Plans

This three bedroom colonial house with 2 bathrooms has a total floor area of 134 sq.m. which require a minimum lot area of 289 sq.m. if it is to be constructed as single detached house. Maintaining the allowable setbacks, both sides area 2 meters from the lot boundary, back is also 2 meters and front is 3 meters.

As can be seen from the perspective view, the roof has a tile effect design on long span galvanized iron sheets. Beneath is supported by steel trusses made of angle bars ans steel purlins. Windows are aluminum sliding glass and doors area composed of wood panel doors on main entrance and rooms, and aluminum sliding door on the dining area.

Garage is open type which can accommodate one car, with floor or ground made of concrete paver bricks. Back, is the service or laundry area which is also a means of access to the house.

Colonial House

Bedrooms are carefully designed so that the 2 common bedrooms area situated on the right side with common toilet and bath in between. Master’s bedroom is on the other side making the living and dining as the center of the house. The master’s bedroom is 16 sq.m. with built-in cabinet ans en-suit bathroom.

Living area and dining is located at the heart of the house. With open ended living room, this colonial house design offers space in terms of the living and dining area. With 4 meters in width and 7.5 meters up to the dining is 30 sq.m. for this two area. Sliding door is also provided in the dining room that will open to the lanai.

Left of the dining area, is the kitchen with 4 m by 3 m in size complete with granite counters and wall hung cabinets. Further to the left is the laundry area or service area which will augment the kitchen during busy days.

Overall, this colonial house is very efficient since all the rooms are maximized and even the lot. If your lot is happen to be smaller, this layout can still be adopted by making one side of the house firewall along the garage area.

colonial house floor plan


  • Rough Finished Budget : 1,608,000 – 1,876,000
  • Semi Finished Budget : 2,144,000 – 2,412,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget : 2,680,000 – 2,948,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget : 3,216,000 – 3,752,000

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