Double-storey house with an impressive interior

While it is true that the very first thing people would look into when scouting for a house to buy is its physical appearance or exterior, some prospective buyers would also want to check the house interior as another factor to consider.

This double storey house that we are featuring in this issue has a very impressive interior as against its exterior.  Looking in the exterior picture here, one might not be that interested to buy this property because it does not look that impressive. However, let us apply here the old but popular saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

This house has a total lot area of 252 square meters and a floor area: 180 square meters. It has four bedrooms and one maid’s room with toilet and bath.  It has two toilets and baths, one powder room, and installed with an electronic lock and a solar water heater.

The back of the house is the subdivision’s golf course.  The house is estimated to cost around 9.5M Philippine pesos and if fully furnished, its estimated value is 10.5M Philippine pesos or that is around US$210,000.

In our belief, the bedroom should be the most comfortable room in any house because it is where we are going to have rest and sleep and where cell renewal happens and prepares us to be fit and health to work the next day.  To make a bedroom cozy and comfortable depends on what the owner prefers, of course! But a general idea for a comfortable bedroom is that it should have at least a comfortable bed with a headboard, a cool wall paint, a plant on a corner, and lights, of course!

To help you make your rooms even cozier, you can a actually add more blankets and pillows because they can soften and warm up a cold room. Draperies also make a space look more cozy and friendly.

Would you like to relax in this comfy, cozy living room? Well, there is nothing better than coming home to a very comfy living room after a very long and tired day at work.

Source: filbuild

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