House with a Roof Deck – the Ultimate Envy of the Neighborhood

Have you been envious seeing houses with roof decks? They are amazing and they really look great and functional, aren’t they?

Roof decks are great when the weather is nice.  Families and friends spend a lot of time sitting there, chatting, sipping a smoothie or drinking their coffee.  Events such as birthdays and Christmases are also great to celebrate on a roof deck especially if the environment is nice. You can have a full view of the beautiful nature.

If your house was originally designed to have a roof deck and it was constructed built in, then there is no problem with the foundation that supports it.  However, if you don’t have one but are considering to have it installed on your roof, then this is a bit complicated .  It is not impossible to build it but it needs money to secure it. To be safe and to have a truly functional and sturdy roof deck, you’ll need to spend time and money.

This is just one of he houses with roof deck that we have featured in this website.  There are more samples that we have posted in our other websites.  You can also check on them.

Some designs have stairs inside the house going up the roof deck but in this design, the stairs are built at  the exterior house as you can see here.  It looks nice.

You can make your roof deck a garden or even have a swimming pool there.  Just be sure to contact an experienced contractor expert in building roof decks so that they can make yours functional, safe and beautiful.

If you like this design and would like to request for the floor plan, you may contact us by leaving your comment here.  Our architects will be very glad to have you assisted. We post different designs every day which you can your for your inspiration or preferences. You can browse through our other designs and contact us if you need further assistance.

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