Modern One-storey House with a Roof Deck

Having a roof deck means you can have a spacious place for your relaxation and some family events.  This is why more and more homeowners choose to build their houses with roof decks.

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Check the layout of this house design if you like it.  You can always remodel or modify it according to your preferences.  We are just giving you ideas that might inspire you to build your own.

Having a roof deck  is advantageous because you can use it for many purposes such as a relaxing area for your chat sessions and also it can accommodate small gathering with your friends.


It is nice to have a roof deck but see to it that your structure is ready to install it with a roof deck.  If the roof deck comes with the design before constructing it, then your engineer or architect surely have prepared a strong foundation to support the roof deck.  However, if you already have an existing structure but is planning to have a roof deck installed, please consult an architect to design it for you.

This bungalow has a total floor area of 68 square meters.  It has two bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. The living and dining areas share space, which is  seen in most bungalow design nowadays.

The best thing in this design, aside from having a roof deck is that both bedrooms have its own toilet and bath and there is also a common bathroom for guests.

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