How To Turn Your Empty And Boring Space Into An Attic Bathroom

Attic Bathroom
Turn your empty space into a fully functional attic bathroom with these tips.

A lot of us face a difficult problem when there’s an empty attic at our home. Some are turning them into an extra room while others are using it as a storage space. However, more people are just leaving it empty. Instead of not using this space, didn’t you know that you can transform it into an attic bathroom?

Attic spaces are considered as one of the most difficult spaces to decorate because roofs come in different sizes and shapes. If you are in doubt about transforming your attic into a cozy bathroom, you will surely love these design ideas!

Even if your attic is small and tiny, your attic bathroom will still look gorgeous! If you do not have enough space to fit a bathtub, you can still set it with a shower with cabin.

Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Here are some design ideas that you can incorporate in your home.

Attic Bathroom Decoration Tips

  • Add a splash of color into your bathroom by using colorful tiles.
  • You can use skylights to promote natural light in the bathroom. You can also relax while taking a bath and looking at the sky at night.
  • Use colorful tiles and unique light fixture to give the attic bathroom a different character.
  • Instead of using tiles, you can change the theme and the vibe in the bathroom by using wooden tiles.
  • Take notice of the small details in the bathroom such as the faucet, the toilet bowl, and the bathtub plumbing.
  • Add small accents like flowers, candles, and decorative towel rack.
  • No enough space? No problem! Use a glass-enclosed shower instead.

No matter how small your attic space is, there are different design ideas you can use to turn it into something more useful and functional. Having an attic bathroom can give you an extra space to lounge and to relax.

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