Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious One By Adding a Walk In Shower

If you want to have a more luxurious bathroom, putting out a walk in shower is a must.

When you start to put together the ultimate luxury master bathroom of your dreams, there is going to be one thing to be on top of your list: a walk in shower. Although having a shower and tub combination is convenient, it may not be very elegant to look at. Plus, if your shower is in the tub, you don’t usually end up with the best of both worlds. Most of the time, you end up with a compromise of each.

If you are planning to install a walk in shower in your bathroom or you are planning to update to one, you need to check out these amazing designs. By having a walk in shower that is beautifully and well constructed, you are giving yourself a sanctuary that you can return to every morning after waking up.

Forget about the shower and tub combo! Take a look at a true luxury when it comes to showers.

Half Wall

This luxurious walk in shower is incorporated into the rest of the space beautifully. A half wall provides a bit of privacy.

Surround Sound

With a glass surrounding the three sides, this walk-in shower makes a statement to the bathroom with its mismatched marble tile.

Contemporary Look

With this contemporary, minimal look, this wonderful walk-in shower perfectly melds into the space it occupies.


This stunning walk in shower is already impressive but it is made even better with the massive piece of stone that serves as its bench.

Whole Room

With a bench built into the wall beneath the pressured glass windows, this walk in shower feels like it’s a whole room to itself.


This luxurious bathroom keeps its flooring consistent from the front to the back.

Rain Down

The rain shower is something that many people want to have in their bathroom. Make sure that you have a walk-in shower design that completes the relaxing effect.

Zen Style

By placing a plant beneath a skylight, this walk-in shower exudes a Zen-like calm that is hard to ignore.

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