1-Bedroom Single Storey House Plan With Spacious Full-Length Veranda

single storey house plan
One of the highlights of this single storey house plan is the front veranda.

Is it possible to have a single storey house plan with a bedroom and all the important rooms in the house without having the anxious feeling of too crowdedness or a space that is too small? Yes, that is possible.

Take a look at this unique house plan.

The floor design for this single storey house plan is very simple and straightforward. Before reaching the main parts of the house, there’s a full-length veranda that you and your family can enjoy. You can use it as a terrace, an outdoor breakfast nook or a relaxation area.

Upon entering from the entryway, you will be greeted by either the living room. Just a few steps from the living room is the separated kitchen and dining area. These two areas are combined to maximize the space. It is also separated from the living area to give the occupants more privacy.

There is only one room in this house, but it guarantees comfort and relaxation. It is spacious enough to fit a queen-sized bed, side tables, and a dresser. It is also connected to a walk-in closet and a veranda.

The common toilet and bath is strategically placed in the middle of this single storey house plan. It allows the occupants and the guests to access it faster, whichever room they came from.

This modern and unique house is a decent sized home especially for those who prefer a smaller one. Even if it’s small, it has all the rooms that you need.

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