Modern Style Single Storey House With Two Bedrooms And Two Bathrooms

single storey house
This modern style single storey house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

More and more homeowners are now choosing single storey house plans. These single storey house plans have come into style. A lot of aspiring homeowners are choosing to buy a single storey house for many reasons: These houses are more affordable and budget-friendly. These houses require less cooling and heating as the temperature as there is only one floor.

These single storey house plans are also easier to maintain and less expensive to renovate. Since there is only a single level in the house, it is easier to reach all areas of the home, making simple maintenance, cleaning, and repair tasks easier and faster. If you want to expand the floor area and do any renovations, a single storey house is easier and less expensive to remodel.

If you are looking for a single storey house plan, you don’t need to look further. The house plan that we have for today features a simple yet modern and fully functional house.

The exterior of the house is simple yet has a modern feel to it. The walls are painted in white, with large panel walls made of bricks. Instead of the traditional tile roofing, this house has a cemented top.

One of the unique features of this house is the large open terrace at the back. The terrace can be used as a sit out area or a venue to hold parties and events.

From the main entryway, the first thing that you will see is the living room. Although it shares the same space with the dining and kitchen, a short wall gives the space a divided look and feel.

The kitchen is wide and spacious. It has all the space to fit all the kitchen equipment and tools. It also has access to the service area at the back. There is also a storage room beside the dining area which can be used as a pantry as well.

Even if it’s a single storey house, it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it ideal for a medium size family. There is a Master’s Bedroom that comes with an ensuite bathroom and a smaller bedroom just beside the living room. A common toilet and bath is also strategically located between the two bedrooms for easy access.

Check out the floor plan of this single storey house here:

What are the features of a single storey house that you are always looking for?

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