Raised platform L-shaped house with two bedrooms and spacious veranda

This  house design features a raised platform that looks like a two-storey structure. It features a concrete structure but with bare and empty ground floor.  The  second level is shown to be the only area that is finished and livable. The structure looks sturdy with large glass windows for natural light to seep inside the house and a very spacious veranda to accommodate visitors in big events.

The ground floor serves many purposes like a parking area for vehicles, a place that may be converted for a gathering or a party, or it may be remodeled partly as a stock room.


One major attraction of this design is the very spacious veranda that is shaped like L and covers all of its facade.  The staircase also adds beauty to its structure.

It looks so simple and bare because it does not have paint yet and no other exterior designs are installed but its simplicity and bare ground floor may be one of its attractive features especially for home owners who are looking for extra space to house their pets and other outdoor stuffs like plants and other exterior decors.

The staircase and its balustrade complement the banisters around the veranda.  Obviously, many house owners love verandas and this is perhaps one of the parts of the house that is being sought by many.

A veranda is a place where you can stay for a chit-chat with your family or friends and other visitors. It also creates a shelter from the scorching heat of the sun and it can cool your home without spending extra money fr air-conditioning.

Aside from the above benefits, a warp-around veranda just like this one is a total attraction for passersby especially when you decorate it with lights and flowering plants which add sophistication and elegance. Verandas definitely add beauty to any home’s exterior.

Its spacious yard may also be used as a venue to accommodate parties and may be used as a parking space for visitors’ cars.

With some extra space, a little gardening and planting of flowering plants may also be used to enhance its appearance.  A nice landscape will do all the trick for a sophisticated yard.

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