Unique and Modern Half Floor House Design

The design of this house is very unique.  The facade shows that it is a two-storey house but if you look closer at how the floor design was made you will discover that this is actually what other may call a “half floor” house plan.

This unique house design divides the house into two full or two one level homes.  The first full level comprises the living room, dining room, kitchen, one common bathroom and a front and back porch.  The other one level is accessed from the first level through a staircase and it contains the two big bedrooms with a bathroom in between them.

For home owners who would prefer this kind of design, you may want to make the ceiling of your living and dining areas dramatic and soaring height.  This adds beauty to the overall impact of this kind of interior.

The size of this house is approximately 9 meters by 13.5 meters.  The living area with the dining and kitchen alone comprise 110 square meters.  On the other full level are two big bedrooms.

The budget to build this house is around $28,000 or 1.5 million pesos.  This budget can increase or decrease depending on the materials to be used to construct it and the manner how you would like to design it.

This design looks petite but the size is just enough for a small family of three or four people.  One bedroom may be assigned for children.  If there are no children, that room may be converted into a guest room as well.

The advantage of having a continuous hall with dining and kitchen is that you can freely move around the space.  Putting a divider will somehow make the areas smaller or narrower. So it is advisable for home owners of this design to have the living room, dining and kitchen share the area.

The front elevation with the staircases and balustrade make this design cute and attractive.  The open space just below the elevated section of the house is ideal as a parking space or it may also be converted into a coffee and chit-chat place.

You just need to put a coffee table with chairs and adorn it with some plants to give a living color to the area.  The spacious surroundings will also make for a nice landscape if given the extra budget to make one.

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