Contemporary Zen-inspired two-storey home

Passing along the highways has never been boring if you notice many of the houses that you passed by are projecting an aura of calmness, peacefulness, relaxation and an oozing mood of optimism.  These are the positive feelings a zen house exudes.

More and more houses being built nowadays are designed to bring into concrete reality the philosophy of Zen.  Zen, being a Buddhist philosophy implies that simplicity and original state of things or nature without any alteration is enlightenment, per se. Therefore house design and interior designing employing this design theory uses simple materials and zen colors to create its true beauty.

This contemporary house design employs the philosophy of zen which focuses on simplicity and originality as a means of achieving enlightenment.  The very first characteristics of zen philosophy that you can see from this house is perhaps its structure, roof, color, and large glass windows.

Grey which is one of the main colors of Zen is the major color that is obvious here as against the neutral color of white.  Grey reflects different meanings which are relative and dependent on what the owner want to express.  But in Zen designing grey is often portrayed as the color of timelessness, practicality, and sophistication.

Like other Zen houses, this house design features large glass windows, which is one characteristic of a zen house.  The glass windows allows for natural light to enter and give a natural light inside the house.

This house design is very ideal for a limited space.  Building a second level of it is the answer to a limited space.  The second level can accommodate the bedrooms so that the ground floor just houses the other areas such as living room, kitchen, dining area and a porch or a veranda.

For future home owners out there whoa re planning to build their house for the first time, considering a zen-inspired design might be a great option. Aside from they are easy to decorate because zen house is just about simplicity, the minimalist feature of it is also one of the factors that may influence future home owners to opt for a zen house.

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