Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen Soon? Here Are Granite Colors For Countertops For You to Choose From

If you want to give your kitchen a more luxurious look, use granite colors.

In interior design, one of the most sought-after materials used is granite. The beauty of granite colors, its versatility, and its durability makes this natural stone a top choice.

Although there are many different types of materials commonly used for kitchen countertops, granite is still one of the most popular choices for new home construction and kitchen remodeling projects. Granite countertops are durable, beautiful to look at, and easy to clean and to maintain. Plus, there is a wide range of granite colors that can complement any style of the kitchen cabinet that you have.

Most granite countertops can range from $50 to $100 per square meter, depending on the type of granite you selected and the counter surface area. This also includes the granite slab to be, the polish detail, and the edging. The total cost of a new granite installation ranges from $2000 to $3200.

However, for price-conscious granite buyers, such as apartments and condo owners, you can save money by purchasing prefabricated granite. This granite is often mass produced in India or China. They come in standard widths and has one type of edge choice.

Choosing the granite countertop and granite colors for your kitchen is important. If you are torn between which granite colors to choose, here is a list of the available choices for your o choose from.

White Granite

White granite is not as plain white as you think it would be. It is usually loaded with veins and flecks in different colors, depending on the style you want. White granite is a top choice for smaller kitchen spaces as it makes the area look lighter and bigger. Plus, a white countertop pairs well with dark kitchen cabinets and create a beautiful contrast.

Beige or Gold Granite

For many homeowners, beige or gold granite colors are timeless choices that provide them with many decorating flexibility since it matches well with many color combinations. Beige granite can be paired with wood cabinetry as well as white and dark colored cabinets. It also works well with traditional, contemporary, and country kitchen designs.

Black or Gray Granite

Black or gray granite counters give a dramatic statement to any kitchens. Dark granites compliment white or light wood cabinets. They are also used in traditional or contemporary kitchen designs. These granite colors tend to be denser and are less likely to absorb stains, making them easier to maintain compared with other colors.

Brown Granite

The most popular granite color choice because of the warm feeling it provides is brown granite. It is used to create a rustic or country kitchen design and matches perfectly with a variety of wood cabinet shades to create an inviting atmosphere. Brown granite also matches best with lighter colored cabinets for a rustic kitchen look.

Blue Granite

The blue granite gives the space a unique and more exotic look. Kitchens designed using blue granite are very popular and is a conversation starter because of its reflective appearance and striking appeal.

Red Granite

Red granite offers a bold statement and an added sense of energy to any kitchen. Although they are not a popular choice for most homeowners, they make an eye-catching statement. Pairing red granite with light colored cabinets and a muted paint color palette creates a stunning kitchen space.

Jewel Toned Granite

This rich colored granite resembles a precious or semi-precious gemstone, giving out a luxurious feeling for the space. It often has a distinctive bold look with a high level of color saturation. Popular jewel tone granite choices are turquoise blue, ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, and topaz yellow.


Were you inspired to use granite for your kitchen space? Granite countertops are not only fancy to look at, they are also easier to clean and maintain.

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