Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concept

The most frequent question many families ask when they’re ready to get a new home is “Should I buy a home or build one?” If buying your first home is a huge milestone, building your first home is a giant undertaking. In reality, a home is possibly one of the major investment you’ll ever make. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this project is an asset that you care about getting right. For families who opt to have a single storey home, we offer this stylish one level house plan with unique concepts for reference.

Once more, the blend of white and grey in architecture delivers a perfect and immeasurable appeal. One of the most common and preferred hues in housing, this mix has established its status as the perfect combination. In fact, it doesn’t only offer a cool and pleasant appeal, but an aesthetic sense at a high level as well.

Picture of Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concepts
Features of Stylish One Level House Plan

As can be seen, this house looks very much different from most of the houses that we see around. This house plan has a modern exterior design with unique features that deliver a distinct style considering the materials, assembly and workmanship.  The color choice gives the entire design a pleasant feeling.

This house presents a small elevated porch with natural marble stones in a grey hue serving as a perfect entrance to the house. Additionally, there is a small terrace on the right with grey marble stones and dark grey bench for seating and relaxation. Furthermore, the terrace sheens with pillars accentuated with molding and lightings which heightens the character of the posts.

Picture of Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concepts

Furthermore, what is astonishing with this design is the connection of every material and assembly. Obviously. it reveals a distinct solid image. The elegance of the exterior façade is heightened by the following features:

  • sliding glass doors and windows in white aluminum casements providing ventilation to the interior
  • well-designed pillars in different grey hues
  • white-painted cornices and moldings around the perimeter of the house
  • refined and tidy eaves and clerestory with grey paint
  • base foundation in grey-colored paint matching the color of the clerestory
Picture of Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concepts

The other elevations are provided with enough glass windows for ventilation heightened by the white-colored stucco.  

Picture of Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concepts

Meanwhile, the exterior walls are treated cement plaster finish painted in grey shade. A pair of shed roofs in opposite orientation and sloping to the rear add beauty and grace to the structure.

Picture of Stylish One Level House Plan with Unique Concepts
Interior Design of Stylish One Level House Plan

The interior design and concept bear the same character and workmanship as the exterior façade. The living room offers pleasantness with grey marble tiles and walls and recessed ceilings painted in white.

The bedrooms carry consistency in concept in grey and white hues the entire space. The level of comfort is at different level by providing reasonable glass panels that ventilate the interior.

On the other hand, the bathroom also deliver elegance by utilizing marble floor tiles and wall mosaic tiles in grey tone.

Specifications and Floor Plan

A straightforward layout, the design stands in a floor area of 56.0 sq meters. It features the living spaces on the left and the private zone on the right side. From the main entry door, you will be greeted by the living room which enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining room and kitchen on linear arrangement. The bedrooms on the right share a bathroom in between them, while the other T&B is adjacent to the kitchen. Because of space, availability, the floor plan is very compact but the spaces serve maximum functions.

To sum up, although small in area, the unique concepts and design make this house to stand tall considering the aesthetics and comfort as well.

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