Modern House with a touch of Zen Design

Are you currently planning to buy or build your house? What design do you prefer? If you are the person who prefers simple layouts and exterior, then perhaps you may want to consider building a modern house.

Modern house plans are simple and offer open layouts and they generally offer abundant light and large glass windows that would encourage dining and relaxing alfresco.

The house that is in feature is one good example of a modern house design.  It embodies what exactly a modern house is.  It showcases simplicity in form, layout and design. As modern architecture, it is basically just a beautiful synergy of clean lines, basic shapes, and form which you will see mostly on its exterior design and in the facade.


The color also goes with the simplicity of the design.  For most modern houses, they are painted with the basic hues like black, dark brown, grey, and of course white or off-white, which are basically colors that are used for a zen house design.  Combining any two of these colors like white and grey like what was used to paint the exterior of this house exude an aura of tranquility, sophistication, and simplicity.

Typical of modern architecture, the facade of this house features lines as seen in the three white posts and in the horizontal balustrade that enclose the verandas. The large glass windows allow for natural light to get in and this creates a relaxing mood.

Since it is a double storey house, it has three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, one restroom, one living room, one dining room and a kitchen, and one parking and a garden.

This is not a typical three-bedroom house because the design embodies modern architecture which is highlighted not only on its exterior but also on the layout of its interior.

You can visibly see how each area was carefully planned and located strategically against one another.

The living room and the dining room share space which allows for a more space to move around.  No divider was installed because it may just make the space look smaller.

Anyone who prefers simplicity in design and color would want to have a modern house like this one.

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