Three-level Modern House with Second-level Veranda

Modern house designs have become so popular these days. Most home owners prefer this kind of design for its simplicity in layout and form.

This modern home that is in feature in our website captures all the characteristics of modern architecture which employs a network of clear lines, shapes, form, simple colors and easy layouts.

The facade showcases impressive front door, glass windows and veranda.  The architect of this house made sure that the facade really captivates the first impression of every onlooker.  It really matters how a facade looks because this is the very first perspective that any prospective buyers sees.

You can always make a very good first impression by making a beautiful entrance, that is  of course by making your front door really stunning.

Some feng shui believers also suggest that the front door should be designed in a manner that it attracts good vibes and good luck.

In this design, the front door was made really wide to allow for easy entrance and for good luck to come in.  The opening of the garage is also impressive.  It is made of clear glass that shows what is inside unlike the traditional garage that is covered by  opaque steel or wood.

This three-level house has one car parking, a small garden, a living room, a family room, a dining room and a kitchen, three bedrooms with two bathrooms.

It is important to note in a modern house the easy layout and simplicity of the exterior and interior. For most modern house design, the no lavish adornment is always observed because modern architecture is based on minimalist deign.

However, the interior designing is always dependent on the owner, how he or she would like his or her interior to be designed. But for the exterior, it is a rule to observe that it should not display lavish decorations and adornment.

It is enough or a modern house to just display lines and shapes, which you can see here in the house that is featured. The use of concrete, glass, and steel are very typical of modern architecture, which are definitely captured in this design.

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