Modern Bungalow House With Three Bedrooms And Open Veranda

modern bungalow
This modern bungalow house has an open veranda, ideal for relaxation after a long day of work.

This compact and modern bungalow house comes with three bedrooms and one toilet and bath. It is a one-story home that is suitable for a small to medium-sized family. The total floor area is 109 sq.m. and can be built in a lot with a minimum size of 200 sq.m.

This bungalow house has an elevated floor which is very efficient when it comes to natural disasters such as flooding. Since it is elevated from the ground, it secures the furnishing and the flooring of the house to avoid it from getting soaked during flooding, especially if your house is situated in a low area.

The house uses simple yet modern features. The house is painted with minimalist colors of gray that gives it a fresher and more modern look. It also has accent walls made of wood and darker shade of red.

The roof of this bungalow house is covered with a long span, galvanized iron roofing with a flat effect. The other areas of the house, including the porch, is covered with the reinforced roofing. It is also surrounded by windows to promote natural light and ventilation.

The unique feature of this modern bungalow house is the veranda on the side. It has several wooden seats, making it ideal for family members who want to relax after a long day of work.

From the porch to the main entrance, you will be greeted by the spacious living room. The dining area and the living room are combined, giving the house a more spacious look.

A door will lead you to the kitchen and the common toilet and bath. There is also a door from the open kitchen which will lead you to the service area, which is the dirty kitchen and laundry parts of the house, and a backyard.

The first bedroom of this modern bungalow house is located across the living room. The other bedrooms are found at the back portion of the house to give the occupants more privacy.

There are two more bedrooms, which includes the Master’s Bedroom with en-suite bathroom. All bedrooms are equipped with built-in cabinets and space for an entertainment wall.

Check out the house plan here:

What are the features that you are looking for a modern bungalow or a multi-story house?

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