Bigger Is Better: Contemporary Four-Bedroom Two-Storey House Plan

two-storey house
This lovely contemporary two-storey house has an elegant and modern design.

A two-storey house is an attractive option for a lot of new homeowners. When it comes to two-storey house plans, the bigger is better. The living areas are spread out, giving your family more rooms to relax, enjoy, and have fun.

If space is your number one consideration when building your future home, this two-storey house plan offers the spacious living space that your family needs without sacrificing the costs.


This lovely contemporary two-storey house has an elegant and modern design. The exterior of this home is painted in white, giving a clean and minimalist finish. There is also brick accent walls around the house.

It also has a brick tile roofing that extends up to the garage. The walls of this house are surrounded by large picture windows and instead of using the traditional wooden doors, the doors are made of tempered glass, guaranteeing that natural light and ventilation will enter the house and make the space look a lot spacious than usual.

This lovely contemporary two storey house has four bedrooms, a spacious living room, a dining room, and a kitchen with a service area It also has a large garage to hold two family cars or two city cars.

From the main entryway, you will see the large living room. The hallway opposite the living room is empty and can be turned into a mini bar.

The kitchen area is also spacious. It has an open-concept design and provides access to the service area at the back. The dining hall is just opposite the cooking area and is separated by a sliding door.

All the bedrooms have a bigger floor space. All rooms have a provision for an entertainment wall, a built-in cabinet, a lounge area, and a working area. Adding windows in the headboard can make the room look bigger.

Do you think this lovely contemporary two-storey house is ideal for your family? If you want to see more house plans, make sure to check out other articles from Cool House Concepts!

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