High Ceiling Modern House Design with Shed Roof

There is no doubt that a high ceiling modern house design is aesthetically pleasing. If you visit this type of house, certainly, the first thing you will notice is the space above you which seems very different from most of the houses you see around. In fact, there is an immediate sense of space, air, and light. The atmosphere and ventilation are at a different levels because of the height itself.  

How do you imagine a house design with a blend of cream, grey and brown hues in the exterior. It could be anything. With proper and smart application of the colors in a design will definitely produce an aesthetically appealing and elegant design. In particular, let us see how this color mix worked with the house in feature.

Picture of High Ceiling Modern House Design with Shed Roof
Description of High Ceiling Modern House Design

The entire front exterior of the house stresses a stylish design using strong contemporary lines. For the front elevation, the features include an elevated verandah with grey floor tiles, steel guardrails, slim columns and framed shed roof both in grey paint. Another excellent feature is the small porch at a higher elevation which is accessible from the bedroom. It is secured by steel guardrails and canopy-like concrete roof in grey tone. Furthermore, the sources of extreme comfort inside are the wall-sized glass doors and windows framed in grey aluminum casements.

Picture of High Ceiling Modern House Design with Shed Roof

Meanwhile, the right side elevation registers a different but unique character. It features a wooden wall cladding and slim window panels. The exterior wall is in a salt concrete finish as well.

Picture of High Ceiling Modern House Design with Shed Roof

The left side elevation blows with the exterior wall treated with salt concrete finish and the base painted in grey color. It is also provided with slim rectangular glass window panels to keep the interior at required pleasant condition.  Because of high elevation, the house stands higher and look bigger which heighten the appeal of the house.

Similarly, to showcase consistency, the rear elevation is also with salt concrete finish like the other elevations. Similar glass window panels are installed to ventilate the interior of the house.

Visibly, the overall design of this residence is amazing and eye-catching. The shed roof and ceilings both in grey color is a perfect security to this small high ceiling house. The brown-colored clerestory is a perfect accessory that completes the roofing assembly.

Specifications and Floor Plan of High Ceiling Modern House Design

The house in feature stands in a narrow lot that measures 6.5 x 11.0 meters. The design area of 72.0 sq. meters spreads to the porch, verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.  

With an average floor area, the floor plan seems to be the best layout for this house. With a smart design, the spaces can serve multiple functions. While entering through the verandah, you will see the living room that enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining area and kitchen. While the living spaces stay on the right, the private zone occupies the left section of the plan.  

The area around the house is so spacious that it can serve as an extension of the living room for relaxation. Being covered with refined concrete finish, the space will be best for informal dining and for entertaining guests and visitors.

Can you imagine the comfort and coziness that this house brings to the family? Well, the lovely and beautiful garden and landscaping answer it all. We have a house that promotes green living.

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