Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House

When considering 21st century home construction, there are quite a few reasons for choosing the benefits of a modern home design. Space is hard to achieve and expensive so maximizing every inch is of vital importance. Smart utilization and minimizing waste while considering things like natural light and outdoor connections are the heart of contemporary design. In fact, these are the features of this contemporary style house design offers to you.

Picture of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House
Description of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House

Would you believe that this house stands in a floor area of 60.0 sq. meters? Yes, it is. The actual lot size for this building measures 6.0 x 10.0 meters only, but the size is overshadowed by its glamour. The exterior brilliantly shines in every facet – materials, concepts, fixation and workmanship which is very refined and tidy. Likewise, the exterior façade explodes in a perfect blend of white and grey shades which is in everywhere in this design.

This amazing home signifies a perfect signature of what a house could be. In fact, standing in the middle of a garden lawn, it radiates with coziness by utilizing a blend of soft and cool shades of white and grey plus a little accent of brown. 

Some of the brilliant features of this unit include the following:

  • elevated porch designed with grey marble tiles and pillars painted in grey
  • sliding glass doors and glass windows with grey aluminum casements
  • roof deck with grey guardrails
  • steel spiral staircase painted in grey as well and installed outside connecting the ground floor to the roof deck
  • refined contemporary lines and architectural details and concepts
Picture of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House
Other Notable Features of of Contemporary Style Design

Furthermore, despite the size, the porch in grey-colored guardrails is a great space for family relaxation. For a little spice on the design, the wooden clerestory in brown color lends a unique look to the house. A shed roof and white painted ceiling sloping to the right side complete the graceful character of the house.

Within the many benefits of this modern home design is the living space that’s not limited to indoor rooms. The front space with rectangular footpath can serve as an extension of the living room for family activities.

Picture of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House

This is how the left side and rear elevations look like. The roof deck is is another space for family activities and social functions. Meanwhile, the exterior walls are in mineral plaster finish in a grey shade and the base in a darker grey hue.

Picture of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House

On the other hand, the right side elevation has a similar concept as the other elevations considering the materials, color choice and application and assembly.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Contemporary Style Design of a Magnificent House

This 60.0 sq meters floor spreads to a porch, living room, dining area and kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and roof deck. All elevations are provided with enough windows to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level.

A compact layout of the spaces created a functional floor plan. The design features a porch that leads directly to the living room through the main door. The living spaces form a linear set-up on the right side of the plan. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms occupy the left section of the design. By the way, the carport enjoys its comfortable spot on the open tiled space on the left of the house.

Three words to describe this masterpiece – refined, elegant and graceful.

Overall, this house is ideal because of pleasant aesthetics and harmonious flow and comfort from indoor to outdoor space.

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