Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

Contemporary single storey houses always come graceful in a major way. Discover why this beautiful house design in dominant grey hues is preferred by most families. Single storey houses offer more flexibility in designing than multi-level homes. The purpose is that shared space can serve numerous functions. Similarly, they utilize free flowing concepts which increases mobility and convenience. As a matter of fact, bungalow residences are hot trends nowadays because of lots of features they offer.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades
Characteristics of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

The design in feature is a bungalow house plan stands in a safe environment.  As can be seen, the house looks very stylish with the types of materials used as well as the architectural details and workmanship. The exterior façade blows excellently with a fusion of various shades of grey defining elegance and grace.

The residence is in an elevated scheme with the stairs and porch designed with grey marble tiles. The front façade as well bursts with the following features – front pillars with accents of grey natural stone, cladding walls around the house with natural grey stones as well, and front elevation furnished with lights for illumination at night. Likewise, the design features green tinted doors and windows in white aluminum casements keeping the interior in comfort.

Furthermore, one of the dazzling highlight of this house is the well-designed hip roof assembly that looks very impressive with grey-colored tiles.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

The left side elevation carries parallel concepts like the front, with green tinted glass windows and wall cladding on darker grey color. The unit looks safe and secured with concrete wall and steel guardrails.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

Bearing consistency of design, the other elevations have architectural details similar concepts as the other faces considering the materials, colors, and fixation. The exterior walls are with mineral plaster finish in grey color. Additionally, the bottom base painted in darker grey offers a strong appeal to the overall appearance.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

This is how modern the style of the house is as justified by the combination of wall cladding with natural stones, corner glass windows and the celling concept and assembly.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades
Interior Design of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

Certainly, the interior of the house partly defines the elegance if the house especially if it establishes a deep connection with the exterior.

Look how elegant the living room is. In fact, it’s very spacious and pleasant with white concept from large slabs of floor marble tiles, walls and ceilings. The recessed ceilings decorated with a chandelier and perimeter orange lights excellently shines with beauty and brightness.

Picture of Beautiful House Design in Cool Grey Shades

Meanwhile, all bedrooms are in a light purple hue which creates a contrasting appeal with the brown-colored apron cornices. The floor finish bursts with white marble tiles as well.

Elsewhere, the kitchen looks very modern and tidy with white countertop, white-painted walls and tiles and dark brown cabinets.

The bathrooms deliver similar concept and character as the other rooms. They offer pleasant appeal and shine outstandingly in blend of white and grey tones from the floor to the ceilings.

Specifications and Floor Plan

The floor area of the design in feature spreads to the porch, living room, dining section, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The two-car garage enjoys a comfortable spot in the open space at the right corner of the lot.

A beautiful with a straightforward floor plan, the living room will welcome you through the porch. Promoting a concept of better mobility and accessibility, the living spaces are in a free-flowing concept that stays on the left side. On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms ocupy the right side of the plan. This is one functional layout that uses the spaces wisely.

Indeed, the mix of white and grey shades create a perfect color for a beautiful and graceful house.

Image Credit: Showbizgoa


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