Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

In this modern age, single storey houses are the most popular because of the distinctive benefits they offerover multi-story houses. If you are considering to build or buy a new house, you should kindly consider bungalow living. This article offers a contemporary house plan for your reference and inspiration. The stunning advantages are on offer by this house.

Characteristics of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

This bungalow house features the use of refined contemporary lines which are in every angle of the structure. In fact, it looks very sophisticated with the materials, assembly, and workmanship giving the unit an impressive exterior façade. Once again, soft colors excellently deliver a pleasant appeal. In particular, this house shines in a blend of cream, grey, and brown colors that offers a cool ambiance.

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

A contemporary house in style, the exterior concepts are undoubtedly unique with the following features:

  • elevated porch with grey marble tiles, light brown-colored wooden planks and a concrete canopy roof in a grey shade as well
  • stunning wall cladding emphasized by grey natural stones
  • glass door and windows framed with grey aluminum casements
  • well-designed roof deck secured by grey painted guardrails

Visibly, the concept of the left side elevation justify modernism with the corner glass windows and the base designed with natural stones in grey shade. The combination of the wall cladding, corner glass windows and the shed roof creates an eye-catching appeal.

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

To showcase consistency of character, the right side elevation features a clear view of the roof deck. It is reachable by a steel spiral staircase with a simple but noticeable base in grey tones.

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

Equally, this façade carries similar exterior concepts as the other faces, wall cladding and base with grey-colored stacked stones. The grace of the shed roof assemblies in very visible on this side

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

Here is another view of the graceful assembly of shed roofs in opposite orientation. Meanwhile, the exterior walls are in mineral plaster finish in greyish cream tone with a tidy application.

The house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers a sensible level of comfort. The garden and landscaping and the setting endorse coziness to the house.

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features
Interior Design of Contemporary House Plan

If the exterior façade looks amazing, the interior design is splendid. In fact, the style of the external is connected to the internal layout, which creates consistency. The outside façade blows in a blend of cream, brown and grey colors which are so cool. On the other hand, the internal design blazes with a fusion of the same shades from paint to furniture and fixtures.

Let us check the fabulous interior design and concepts of this stylish residence.

The living room in cream, grey and brown tones from floor, walls to ceilings and furniture. Excellent choice of furniture and fixtures with matching colors in the living room.  

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

Modest but beautiful, the dining room glares with simple dining table and chairs with similar color as the other rooms.

Picture of Contemporary House Plan with Distinct Features

The bedrooms are equally pleasing and tidy with soft colors of white and grey. They look impressive with simple furniture and fixtures.

The kitchen offers a consistency of design with the other rooms of the house. The combination of cream, brown and grey colors creates a very cool atmosphere. Additionally, the natural cultured stones in brown color added an extra character to the space.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

A compact but smart design, it sits in a lot that measures 6.5 x 8.0 meters. The usable building space of 52.0 sq. meters spreads to the terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom.   

A small house but beautiful house, it offers a free flowing concept of the living spaces in the right section of the plan. Meanwhile, the private zone of two bedrooms looks comfortable on the left portion of the design. The stylish rectangular terrace serves as a perfect entrance to the living room. Meanwhile, this design also features a well-designed roof deck accessible through a spiral staircase. This serves as an extension of the living room for family relaxation and other family related activities,

This stylish contemporary home design is one that utilizes the space smartly. The setting and outside concepts offer complete comfort.

Image Credit: 3D Kh Design


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