Elegant Modern FarmHouse with Stylish Exterior

Are you scouting for a home or for a vacation house with a tranquil atmosphere? I think that you have to consider the type of house, setting, and location. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling to experience a shift of environment and atmosphere especially if we get exhausted of the busy life in the metropolis. Absolutely, we need to recharge and refresh ourselves for a healthy life. Here is an elegant modern farmhouse that is a perfect choice for you whatever the purpose is.

This home can be excellent for families in the countryside communities or anybody in quest of a relaxing life. This could also be a vacation house for families from metropolitan areas who wants to feel serenity. Whichever case, the unit is a perfect place, obviously, for health reasons.

Picture of Elegant Modern FarmHouse with Stylish Exterior
Features of Elegant Modern FarmHouse with Stylish Exterior

This house is a perfect place for comfort considering the type of house, setting, and location. For families with private properties who want to own a farmhouse or vacation home, this is one unit to consider. Definitely, a house like this built in the middle of the farm is a good stress reliever.

As can be seen, the building features clean contemporary lines in a sophisticated fixation. Visibly, the structure looks very refined with the architectural details considering all aspects from materials, color choice, assembly, and workmanship. In fact, the exterior design blows excellently in a grey hue with a contrasting accent of turquoise shade.

The house features an elevated porch with natural marble floor tiles in light brown color. Additionally, pillars with accents of brick stones in turquoise color in the middle height show prominence to the porch. The wall cladding and clerestory in turquoise color provide a striking contrast to the cool colors of whiter and shade.

The other features of this contemporary house are the glass doors and windows in white aluminum frames keeping the inside pleasant. Likewise, the outside is even more comfortable with a spacious garden, landscaping, and lovely trees around the building.

The other elevations are also designed with windows to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level. Furthermore, the exterior walls are in mineral plaster finish in grey shade.

Picture of Elegant Modern FarmHouse with Stylish Exterior

Meanwhile, the most significant highlight of this modern farmhouse is the multiple assemblies of gable roofs with high pitch and a dormer that looks very sophisticated.

Picture of Elegant Modern FarmHouse with Stylish Exterior
Specifications and Floor Plan of Elegant Modern FarmHouse

An elegant farmhouse, the design sits in a lot with dimensions of 14.0 x 17.0 meters. The usable lot measures 10.0 x 12.0 meters that yields and a usable space of 114.0 sq, meters. The floor area spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one attached and one common bathroom, and an open parking space,

A straightforward design, it features an inviting porch which is a perfect entrance to the living room through a glass door. The living spaces from a linear arrangement that showcases a free-flowing concept promoting better mobility. These spaces sit on the left side of the plan. On the other hand, the private zone of two bedrooms occupies the right side of the layout. Meanwhile, the bathrooms sit side by side on the right corner at the back of the design.

Indeed, this is a stunning residence that showcases both aesthetics and comfort. This one wins my heart.

Image Credit: Thai Drawing


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