Would you consider this bungalow to be your home? Check it out!

Some say that when you’re in doubt what style of house to build, build a bungalow! They say this because bungalows are easier to build compared to multi-storey homes.  They are always popular and trendy and homeowners always have something to transform them into a home that goes with the ever-changing lifestyle.

This bungalow looks classy with the choice of brick for cladding the pillars and the elevation of the house. This article says that brick cladding is a construction term that means brick to coat another type of material, for some sort of function or to make it look better. It also protects the coated item from the elements.

One of the advantages of brick cladding is that it requires less maintenance as compared to painting the structure.  The bricks just need to be washed when they get dirty.

Another advantage of cladding is that it protects the walls or pillars it is installed on to.  It preserves its beauty and helps the structure to resist being destroyed by weather, mold, extreme heat and cold.  Cladding protects the structure from normal ear and tear.

Yellow is a nice color to paint the exterior of your house.  However, you should pick the shade that looks friendly to both of you and your neighbor.  Even if you want a bright yellow because it makes you happy and cheerful, your neighbors and passers by may not like it because it may look too bright and disturbing for them.  So, consider a shade that is just right like the yellow in this house.

This shade of yellow works well with the dark brown accents.

To construct this four-bedroom bungalow, you need a a budget of US$ 60,000. The cost actually depends on how well you want the finishing of your house to be done. It varies, of course. But for a semi-finished state, US$40,000 or 2 million Philippine pesos would make a livable house.

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